Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Project 365 - Day 8

The highlight of today's working day was the fire drill!!

I have been waiting for that fire bell to ring in 4 looong years. Hahah fire drill I mean!! Emphasize on the drill. Just the drill, not the real thing please. I'm not that evil.

It has rang a few times over the four years I have been working here. It rings sometimes for a few minutes, or a few seconds, or at random intervals, but never non stop.

Only once have I heard from fellow colleagues that it rang non stop: the shutters came down, and real thick, black smoke was coming out of the building. The fire brigade was downstairs. It was a proper fire drill all right. Everyone panicked, some guys held on the shutters, not letting it come down and effectively spoiling it, and not all the staff ran towards the right stairs.

In other words, pandemonium occured, with the result that management complained to our bosses because of the spoilt shutters and running to the wrong stairs, which resulted in all of the staff getting scolded by the bosses.


That sounded so fun to me.

Which is why I have been waiting for years. Ahem.

Anyway back to today. It rang. The air con shut off by itself. We all stood up staring at each other. Is this it? Is it finally the fire drill? But where is the smoke? Wait..wait look downstairs!! Everyone is going downstairs and congregating there.

OK, we might as well go down too. It was 12:15 pm. Almost time for lunch anyway. So I put on my heels and collected my phone, access card and wallet.

We all met downstairs and squinted for the non-existent smoke/fire. Waited till 12:30 for the building staff to come tell us: false alarm.

Within 3 seconds, everyone dispersed and went off to their lunch spots. Me included.

That was the highlight of our otherwise boring day. :)

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