Monday, 14 January 2013

Project 365 almost abandoned

Hahaha I wanna abandon my Project 365. Its way too much hassle and I don't have enough time on hands as it is, much less find time to take photo, edit, then try to blog.

For now, these are photos from Sat, Sun and for today Monday. Day 12, 13 & 14.

Shirley had to whatsapp me to let me know its snowing in London today. She had to rub it in. She had to make me miss those times. In between reminiscing and talking about other stuff, I forgot that it is the middle of the night for her. Bitch woke up at about 3 ++ am to tell me its snowing. Hahahha..

So I went and edited the pictures to make it look like its snowing. It may not be snowing but I'm still wearing gloves and a scarf in the office. Typical.

Boring photo of sashimi. Why you so pricey? When I go to Japan, imma eat like there's no tomorrow. Haha I kid. Oh, and all flavors of kit kat too.

Oh look! Its snowing in the car too last Saturday. What a coincidence!

Anyway. Moving on. I want to update some more on life these days.

That photo above was taken on the way to a wedding dinner. I reached home at 530pm, Cs rushed me to hurry and bath and get ready to go out of the house by 6pm. I pouted and said it was impossible. Finally ready by 620pm, and here is the end result.

Looks worse in real life. This is a heavily edited photo.

OK. Bye.

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