Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Food for thought

So, I know I haven't been updating recently. My days and nights are really full.

CNY is coming up and this means cleaning the house, cleaning out the cupboards etc etc but I'm not going to bore you with that. It also means buying new clothes (ok this I'm not complaining), and buying food and cookies and cakes to serve guests during CNY.

I think this is the first year we have really planned an "open house" since we got married. Last year, we just fook it and flew to Taiwan with my in laws. This year, we foolishly stayed behind. Hahahha.

Winnie and I spent many hours test baking cookies, and now with less than 2 weeks to go, seriously baking cookies during all our free time. Doesn't help that I'm sick, and Cs is sick. But we are both recovering now. Thanks for asking. Oh didn't. Heheh.


Ahh well.. I realized that quite unconsciously, I have started telling myself to snap out of it when I'm down. To scold myself. To drag myself out of the gloom immediately by thinking happy thoughs, look at Cherrie's photos cos she always makes me smile, listen to music, start dancing, anything to lift my spirits.

In the beginning, I was trying to practice The Secret (law of attraction). But now, it comes more naturally. Be thankful for everything that you have already. Feel blessed. Feel grateful everyday. I already have everything I need. All the others are extras. I am already blessed.

And somehow, I seem to think like that more naturally now. It seems that I'm the one telling people to cheer up. I'm the shamelessly happy person now. I have nothing to bitch/complain about.

Maybe I'm more easily satisfied. No, I know its not. I can bitch and whine like nobody's business. Just read my archives. But why linger on unpleasant thoughts? I'm feeling a bit stupid that it took me so long to finally get it.

Unpleasant thoughts only attract more unpleasant thoughts. Think happy thoughts. Smile. Smile all the time. Smile at everyone. Ok, maybe not those creepy guys outside the pubs at 2 am. But everyone else is fine.

Long ago, I read something on kinkybluefairy's blog. Wait lemme go search. Here it is. Click. When I read it, I was totally in awe. This girl really inspires! I commented then that I would keep it in mind and I did. I'm happy to say that compared to a year ago, I did improve.


OK..I'm going to blog more tonight. With photos. Must. I'll try.


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