Friday, 1 February 2013

Life these days..

I copied some photos off Facebook. These are mostly off Winnie's profile. Credits to her or whoever she stole it from. 

This is super apt for us. Hehehe and everyone else who drinks. 

Hahahah damn smart lah. I do that sometimes. When someone says something bitchy and I'm quiet, more often than not I'm thinking of something equally insulting. But then again, more often than not, I let it go. I forget my anger very fast. And I would console myself with: why stoop to their level? Mehh.

 But for the very retarded comments, I do reply back lah. The ones that get my blood boiling. Can't let them get away with it. 

This photo below was from Janet's birthday. We were supposed to go to Planet to celebrate but mum twisted her ankle during dinner (on Janet's birthday). So plan cancelled and we ended up at Rita's house to drink and eat. Everyone was very understanding and Rita spent the night treating mum's ankle.

Poor mommy. So near CNY some more. She hobbles around with a cane. When it didn't hurt, I actually think mum was enjoying herself (somewhat) being the invalid. She just sits there while we fetch things for her,  and do things for her. 

But mum says it hurts yeahh.. Plus its getting nearer and nearer to CNY, so mum can't wear heels or her new shoes, or go visiting, or cook. Kinda sux.

I went over and cooked dinner for the family one night. First time ever! Made spaghetti and it was finished! Success! The reason why I don't cook at home is cos my parents are both really good cooks. I'm afraid they will criticize or worse, that it doesn't meet their standards.

Even Eli was laughing (sort of) while I was cooking. Bitch. I say bitch fondly here.

These were from ladies night at the Knights opposite the Hills. Just the four of us: Winnie, me, Vero and Crystal. They have ladies night on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Just pay RM 10 and get 4 small glasses of cocktails. We all had vodka orange. Its not very strong, but still good. Don't order vodka mango - tastes weird.

After 3 rounds (or was it 2?) of free drinks (damn cheapskate please), we left and went to Travillion. Started at Zebra but it was so boring. So we ended up at Rush.

Crystal (far right) wins the "most popular" of the night. Hahah you know when a bunch of girl friends go out together, there will be one of the most popular. The one who guys hit on and buy drinks etc. Crystal was the winner that day.

Her guy friends bought us drinks after that. Seriously F guys life. Have to buy drinks for the girl you know and her girl friends. Thanks btw. When girls go out together, we all conspire to get free drinks only. Sorry pub owners, but its true.

The other day, Winnie and I were talking and we said hey we should open a pub! All our friends would come. We know all the alcoholic people. Our whole family (minus Kev) drinks, our mum's friends would come, dad's friends come too, our own friends all drink too.

And proceeded to burst out laughing stupidly together. This is why we are sisters. If we open a pub, we might not earn money too cos we would drink way too much ourselves. Heheh.

Oh btw I got new specs! Do I look like a school teacher or do I look like a school teacher?

I posted it on Facebook and most comments were: you look like your mum. Winnie responded with a hahahhah :P Bitch. Cos last night I told her that she was so hou lian on FB and Instagram. So serious with no hahah or cute emoticons. Like I always do. 

So her response to everything I posted now is: hahahha :P Cunt. She is back to being hou lian now. Annoying.

I finally saw this photo at waterfront! Its us! Our wedding photo! Hollywood apparently sold//licensed or I don't know what to who so yeah I don't know what I'm talking about. Point is, our photo is an advertisement for river cruise. Cos that photo was taken on the cruise ship. 

Ahh well I don't really care. It just means that we look good. Right? Right?

Naww...ending this post with a cute picture.

This is le awesome cousin's daughter. She is soo cute!!! Her name is Angela baby. I don't know if they were kidding or not. 


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