Monday, 25 February 2013


Hello. Every time I want to update, I think of all the things I have not talked about (in my blog) and it sort of overwhelms me. My blog seems empty of my personal life these days.

In reality, I have been sick. Really sick. I'm fighting a headache to write this actually. Mehh..I'll go to the doctor again later.

I have also been busy. Really busy. My best friend and her husband are here in Kuching so we have been going out a lot these days. 

I want so badly to write a proper post. One post for Shirley and one post for her wedding, a few posts for CNY. 

But this one will have to do for now. 

Typing in short clipped sentences makes it easier.

I realize that Kuching seriously lack in the "western food" department. If  we were in KL, different story.

But we are here. So we go to Alfresco, Damai Central, Porkies, and where else? Been drinking a lot lately too. First it was CNY then it was catching up with friends and going clubbing. 

Never thought I would say this but I'm kinda sick of all that alcohol. This is where people go: OMG really? Fuck you and your self righteousness.

Its like when mum twisted her ankle. People are asking: you drink too much and fell issit?? When we say no, they whisper behind her back and say she did anyway. Fuck you all.

Pardon my french. 

Sorry. Its the headache talking.


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