Monday, 25 February 2013

Day 1, 2 & 3 of CNY

Edit: I regret that post below. So crude so I am contemplating deleting it. We'll see.

So this is a make-up post.


Continuation from my CNY. If possible, I'll just cram everything in here.

Traditionally, every first day of CNY, we all dress up and gather at my parents house with my grandma and all our relatives. Ama must have vegetarian dishes, but the rest of us kids eat whatever we want. Kids is used very loosely here. Kids refer to everyone else. Heheh.

Wore white this year on the first day. Bought the dress at Cotton On (its my new fav shop) but it has no size S. I grabbed M anyway cos I liked it so bad. But a bit regret. I altered the arm pits part but the dress hangs a bit loosely on me. Not as nice. Boo.

Anyway. I'm very lucky that my in-laws are so lax about CNY on their side of the family. Lucky for us cos I still get to spend time with my own family, with Cs by my side. 

First day of CNY means busy day ahead! The whole day basically consists of serving, pouring drinks, taking dirty plates to the back, eating in between serving, welcoming our friends who come, entertain mum and dad's friends and so on and so forth.

Ama and all the relatives and cousins and kids all come on the morning of the first day. Dad's office people and colleagues (I think) come as well. His friends mostly come on the fourth day. The fourth day is a repeat of the first day only 100 times busier. So we never get to go out visiting on the fourth day. 

Cs and Winnie. 

The other day at dinner, Winnie let out a huge burp and blew it at my mum. We all stared at her. It was at home, but it was then that I realized that Winnie already assumes Cs is part of the family. She acted as if it was so normal like she does that all the time. Well, she does but only at home lah. Hahah. 

We ordered catering plus mum cooked some food. Fried noodles were a success this year. The other dishes consists of: mix vege, taufu, honey lamb, butter prawn and hmm I'm missing something. What else ah? Prawns always finish first, no surprise. 

Don't like this photo but its the only one that shows off the back of my dress.

Winnie doesn't look her best here. Dunno why eyes so small. Probably not enough time with make up in the morning.

This is the new crown prince of the family. Hahaha once when we were inside the house, and when we heard Jerrick's car pull up, Cs' dad said: the prince is here, the prince is here! (in mandarin). He was referring to his grandson of course. Damn funny! 

Day 2!!

Cs' badminton buddies. SRC group.

I stole these two photos below off Facebook. Thanks Tan KF. :P

Why didn't anyone tell me to pull down my skirt?? Its like the elephant in the room on FB when no one comments on it. Hahah oh well. 

We were aiming to take the same photo at the same seats compared with 2 years ago. See how much we all changed.

I think it was a good idea. Two years difference but we all look more or less the same. 

That was my outfit. Black supposedly my lucky color. And yes I am trying too hard to find my angle here. Fail!

At the end of the night after everyone left. Very tired looking me. Cs' pimple says hi. It is still there on his face. So much for fast pimple vanisher. Cs told Winnie that his pimples go away super fast. Like within a day. And its some miracle it did. But not this one. Hahah I just looked over to check.

Day 3!!

I am damn lazy. 

I'll just compile everything together now that I feel like talking. :D

First stop was to my parents house to pick up mum and Winnie and go to dad's friend's house to visit. Of all people, I met Mary there!! I asked her how did she know them? She said through gym. Heheh come to think of it, this is the second time I met a colleague at Uncle Johnny's house.

After a good night's sleep, I look much better on the 3rd day than the 2nd. 

I like this photo. Might make it Cs' profile pic. HAHAH. What what? So he can look at me what. Wrong is it?

Anyway. We didn't stay long cos we had to go for Cs' friend's house for a Kuching High gathering. 

Rainbow shot taken by Tan KF. Not me.

Did I mention that I'm not a fan of steamboats? Heheh I didn't eat much anyway cos we already ate at Uncle Johnny's place. Plus we had to leave early to go to Alvin's place cos it was his daughter's birthday cum gathering. 

These are all taken using a self timer. Not bad eyy. Everyone were very talkative and happy that day. Too bad we had to leave early. It was good for them to catch up like that.

That's Alvin on the photo. Very realistic actually. Heheh. So much leftover food. That's the problem with CNY. Waay too much leftover food all the time. We estimate how many people there are and how much food to prepare but most people are so full from eating the whole day. Us included. That's why.

I'm getting a bit tired. I'll talk more next time.


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