Thursday, 7 February 2013

Tian Yan Mi Yu - Amei (Cos its on repeat now)

Opened my Drafts (there are about 100+ posts in there. Procrastinator, I know), and selected this.

Sorry for the very lame edit. Was testing out new app. My hair is much longer, my phone case has changed, my hair color has changed, but everything else is the same now.

O mai gad!! Is it Christmas still?? That's how long it was in my folder. Heh. Sorry.

I like this cos we are so happy together. Those rare times when we are in the pub ignoring everyone else (sorry) cos we're stuck to each other like that. Sorry.

Another rare moment when he sang!! He sings but not often in front of my parents. Haha..I think I forced him to.

Winnie looks like she don't have make up on. It seems to be opposite with us always. Just that day we went to Planet again and she had looked fabulous with full make up on, whereas I came from work with specs, oily face etc.

When I saw her coming down the stairs, I think I went: waaa...fuck u!! (Cos she knew I looked like shit) And then I proceeded to try and dirty her face. HAHAH. Evil. This is what sisters do, no?

I like this. Cheap and good.

This is rare too. One night when I went straight from work too. Played pool with Naushad - Winnie's best friend. It was fun. The last time I played must have been years ago. Was it during college days?

I have not been taking much photos recently..blame my iPhone. Lousy. I have to depend on Winnie's phone when we go out together. Blame me too cos I always look like shit these days. Damn.

Anyway. Change of topic.

It is the last working day today. Happy me!! Jam like hell everywhere though. I guess everyone is on leave or last minute buying stuff, or people are all back from overseas. 


I'm trying to decide whether to over night in Hakone or not. Anyone got tips for me? A bit fed up researching my Japan trip. I want to go to Yunessun and Owdukani for those black eggs. I want a full onsen experience, naked be it. I want a private onsen in the room. I found one for RM 600++ Not too bad considering, but its the bus taking going there that has got me worried. 


The good ones with the modern facilities and awesome location can go up to 1k - 2k. Forget it. The cheap ones look dodgy or are too far out of the way or in the middle of nowhere. Kill me now. It is so so hard trying to find a place to stay.

These black eggs are said to increase your life by 7 years. Heh..they are normal chicken eggs that are cooked on site in the boiling hot water and it turns black due to a chemical reaction to the sulphurous water.

Researching for Japan has to be the worst! On one hand, I want to be totally prepared..I want to have my itinerary totally planned out, and on the other hand, I'm afraid I will be too stressed out worrying about this that I might not end up enjoying my trip.

OK..I don't think I'll be that stressed out. Only now. But knowing me, once I reach there, we would be like: fuck it. Cancel that out, and that, oh and that too. Let's just take the taxi once. How expensive could it be? And so on and so forth. Hahah..

Anyway..enough of that. I'll find a way. First I have to deal with my visa though.


I feel like I haven't talked about Cs much these days. That day I was looking for my phone. His phone's battery goes down very fast. So he told me: my phone is the easiest to look for. Just see where the charger is, my phone would be there. 

I burst out laughing. Stupid! Hahahha idiot..not funny. Its true. He has a charger upstairs and downstairs, and at his office, and he has a portable one to use in the car. It is always plugged in. A bit wtf. Time for a change. He's using HTC Sensation. Don't buy it.

My iPhone 4 - I only need to charge it once a day, for like one hour and it can last me a whole day. Pfft. Winnie and Cs don't understand why. Its easy. I don't play games much, or chat on whatsapp nonstop, nor do I keep taking photos of myself. Yeahh. :)

Does that mean mum's phone's battery can last a week? HAHAH. She doesn't use it!! She hardly does anything. 

Her iPad batteries definitely goes down wayyy faster. Mum uses her ipad ALL the time. In the kitchen while she's cooking; she puts it on the floor when she feeds Cherrie; she brings it to the saloon, she would bring it to facial if she can open her eyes, or she would bring it in the car to use if she can drive at the same time. That is how hooked my mum is. 

Is it wrong that I'm a bit jealous? Hahah. Of what I'm not sure. Hehe.

Cs is sick of A-mei but I'm not yet. I played it non-stop on repeat last night, and tonight. Poor baby. 


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