Thursday, 7 March 2013

Short post

Finally have time to update my blog today. Very half arsed post ahead though. Heheh plenty of photos of myself only.

These are from the 4th day of CNY. Daddy likes it if we all dress up. One year, he requested that we all wear maxi dresses together. And we realized how good we all looked together wtf. Hahah no lah. Don't know why but now we buy one maxi every year to wear on CNY. 

Any excuse to doll up eh?

Suckling pig. Don't like. Don't even know why I posted this up. =.= Don't know why its finished so fast every year. Don't know why guys love this? Does any girl like this? Please let me know. Oh ya Winnie does. But then she don't count. If you know what I mean. Sorry yao.

And that's that for my CNY post. Finally done. Lazy to the max.

These photos below were taken at Space.

And this is my biatch: Shirley.

Which reminds me, I gotta blog about her wedding man. She went back to London already. I miss her. She is the only person aside from my mum and sis that I will link my arms with. She is the only person who can get away with insulting me. My family and Cs don't count. They all pu bo people. Hahaha.

She knows me. She knows how impatient and stubborn I am. We know each other's quirks. No, not quirks. Its bad habits. Hahah. 

I seem to use "hahah" too often. Get used to it. :)

Too white face, I know. 

OK that's it. Half arsed post done. :)

Back to watching old HK drama series. Kev finally found this old series that we used to watch together when we were in high school.

I don't know the English name. This is the Chinese name. 笑傲江湖. Very nice!! Kung fu! Let's watch together. Hahah.

Kev, Cs and I are watching it together now. 

Happy me. Bye.

Oh btw my leave approved!! Happy me! Now everyone knows I'm going to Japan. Heheh 

OK bye. I mean laters.


Anonymous said...

ehhh what does that mean i dont count? cipiett

Amy said...

I was just trying to get you to comment! it worked! :D