Thursday, 21 March 2013

Because I am feeling guilty..

I went to look at my posts and realized sheeett I have written almost nothing. All those impersonal rubbish on my blog.

So I err..took a few photos from where I am sitting now (in my bedroom) to share. Sorta.

1) That is our wedding photo. Why do people (like us) hang wedding photos above the bed? Not like we can see it. I hardly notice it. If you asked me which photo was it, I would have to think a while.

2) That clock can be found almost everywhere now. But I bought it in KL in sungei wang about 2 years back while I was there with mum and Winnie. I knew Cs would like it. He has a thing for nice/good looking clocks. And I have a thing for him.

3) We have a tv in our room that we almost never turn on. In fact, I don't know how to. Allow me to explain. Cs unplugged it, changed the settings and assumed I don't want to watch it. Wtf.

It's because every time we turn on the tv and watch a movie, we end up sleeping really late on week nights and we all know what happens the next day. Snooze snooze the alarm, late to work, and feeling lethargic the whole damn day. Which is why we don't watch tv in our room. We watch it downstairs together.

4) My socks says hi. I got into the habit if wearing socks to bed. Blame London for being so cold.

5) I really have to sleep now. Night.

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