Saturday, 9 March 2013

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Hello. It's a Saturday night and I'm home!! With Cs. No plans tonight. Well actually we do. We plan to watch old Hong Kong drama series but then Lee Chong Wei started playing.

So Cs is watching LCW defeat the Thai guy. All England Open is here again. Time flies. So yea. I'm here blogging until the game finishes. 

Round face. I look back at my older pics and feel shocked and wonder/feel amazed that I was so skinny before. Damn. Oh well. I feel happy eating. I eat more now but also do more housework now. So hopefully it balances out well.

I have been on a pizza making spree. Every few days I make pizza and try to alternate the toppings. For fun. Its so awesome. Its cheat pizza btw. I used store bought pita bread. It is the best thing I discovered since the cordless vacuum. 

Just stick the pita bread into the microwave for about 10 seconds to defrost slightly. Then into the over with all the toppings and cheese. 180-200 degrees for a few minutes (depending on your ingredients) and done!

I used tomato paste/puree as base for this. 

I used leftover cucumber and tomatoes, and hot dog for this. I chopped everything up and grilled the cucumber and tomatoes before hand. Still tastes ok. I wanted to use up all my leftovers in the fridge. Plus it was a good way to try and eat semi-healthy. 

Its also a good way to sneakily make your husband eat more vegetables. As a rule, he don't like cucumber. So yeah. I sneaked it in anyway. :D

Random cute photo of princess. 

I always wanted to try putting an egg onto my pizza. I did it!! Here I used up leftover long beans and tomatoes and then cracked an egg in the middle. I was so excited..too much that I forgot to season my pizza.

With the result that it was quite I added a slice of cheese on top and then into the oven again. Cheese saves anything. True story. Hahah.

This pizza below was our dinner earlier tonight. Heheh. I did give Cs a choice ok. I let him choose between pizza or pasta. He chose pizza. So I made this:

I normally make two for him and one for myself. This one required a bit more effort.

I used my normal spaghetti recipe for the base with carrots (for some reason I always have carrots in my fridge plus I was being sneaky trying to sneak vegetables into our meal again), hot dog (this was a mistake but I already cut it up so in it went), minced pork (cos pork tastes better than chicken?), and tomatoes. 

For seasonings, I used minced garlic, mixed herbs, Worcester sauce, salt and pepper, some red wine, and that's it I guess. It was yum. But you can add anything to your pizza. That's what makes it so fun.

Cs loves this arcade basketball. This was one night after we finished dinner early and it was to early to go drinking yet. So we went to the arcade at Hock Lee. The guys played basketball and we girls watched.

When we went to Lido (the club) we were still the first customers there. Heh. By the time the others arrived, the four of us finished one beer tower. Lihai. That night we ended up drinking 4 towers. I forgot things after the 3rd tower. Can't blame me.

Cs and Chris. Seems like neither of them were good at this hahah. Just killing time.

Shirley and Chris at Porkies. I miss youuu... 

Think this was taken at Damai Central. Day trip up to Damai with Shirley and Chris. It was so so windy that day. High tide as usual. Monsoon season. Now monsoon season is gone I kinda miss it. Heheh it is so so so HOT everyday in Kuching. Melting. 

Its too hot to go out in the day time. Pity those working in sales. Like Cs. I would die in sales. People tell me I look so white. I know. I hardly go out in the sun. Before, I used to go out more often during lunch hour. Now my only source of sunlight is in the morning on the way to work, and in the evening on the way home from work. No shit. Any other time, I am indoors. 

I don't go to kopitiams in the day time or go shopping on Saturday mornings. I sleep till noon every Saturday unless I need to work. God writing it out makes it worse. I feel a bit embarrassed. A bit only.

Moving on. 

We went to Starbucks to chill after work. As a rule, I don't drink coffee in the evening and Cs complains (kinda) cos if I don't drink, he can't drink. Hehehe cos we share a drink every time. But I was in a good mood that day so Mocha Frappucino it is. 

Red velvet looks so good but it is actually very meh. So dry. We went to watch Jack and the Giant Slayer after that. It was good!!! I wanna watch it again. Fee Fi Fo Fum! Makes me wanna read the book. 

Mum made these awesome mushrooms! Love these! The inside is stuffed with erm..tuna and something topped with cheese (of course). Yum! Mum made these for a house party at home. Dad's friends came over for dinner and drinks. 

So mum and dad cooked up a storm.

That black thing at the top is actually pork leg. Roasted. Not my thing. I watched Kevin eat the pork fat/skin with a look on my face (I didn't realize I had a look on my face) and he said take that look off your face lah! I'm eating. I must have looked kinda revolted (sorry) but it was pork fat!! Like fat! Sorry. Like triple layer fat!! Sorry.

Err yeah moving on. 

Mum also made lotus leaf rice without the lotus leaf. Hahah tastes like it just without the leaf. Dad made fried noodles. The rest were: pumpkin soup, those mushrooms, cucumber+chicken+egg+peanut butter sauce salad (Cs likes this), mixed vege, drunken chicken (by dad), shepherd's pie (its the one in yellow beside the soup), and three cups chicken (literally translated from mandarin- supposedly a Taiwan dish).

Needless to say, I overate that night! Both my parents are awesome cooks and love to experiment. Good for us. I think I inherited this. I like cooking too! I want a dream kitchen in my future house with a built in over and microwave, huge fridge, and an island and probably a tv too (so I can watch tv while I cook) hahah. 

We had this to go with dinner too. :) Dad spoils us. Now Chivas tastes like shit. I gagged on the first glass. Second glass onwards, I don't notice it. Hahah.

I seem to like taking photos of sunsets these days. 

Anyway that is where our new house will be. They are just putting in the piling now. Long way to go. Its on the way home from work, so we always stop by to check look.

Ok Lee Chong Wei won! 22-20; and 21-8. Semi final only. 


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