Thursday, 14 March 2013

If I Die Young

Bury me in satin, lay me down on a bed of roses..
Sink me in a river at dawn, send me away with the words of a love song..

(Winnie and I used to sing this song together a lot at karaoke's)

Last night I went to Planet (karaoke pub) with mum, Winnie and Janet. We got talking about deaths. Cos one of dad's friends passed away recently. And one thing led to another..and we started talking about what if we died, what would we want our family/friends to offer us.

FYI, we Chinese always pray to ancestors and offer joss sticks, chicken, duck, pork, alcohol etc. Its tradition.

Anyway, so we all started listing the things that we all want after we die.

Janet wants teh c first (must!) then beer. I asked what brand? Heineken she said.

Mum wants coffee, beer, and then a cigarette. She wants us to light it and stick it there. (When my grandma passed away, my mum did stick a cigarette for her mum at the funeral).

Me, I said beer first and bring a box of pizza with stuffed crust. Mum said cannot so wasting! Whole box of pizza! Wtf?! I died liao she still want to be stingy with me.

Winnie wanted beer, vodka, whiskey and sushi. I told her not to die lah. So expensive. I better die before her. Hahah in the end, we settled on one shot of each. Ok lah. She requested california rolls some more.

(Yes, I am aware we sound damn alcoholic)

A bit morbid. But I kept touching wood while we laughed our heads off. 

As an after thought Winnie said: stick a dildo in there too. I burst out laughing. Die already still so horny! Bitch.

What can we bring to our grave anyway? Ahh well. Years and years ago, I told Shirley that when I die, I want them to play a song at my funeral, but now I forgot what song it was already. You must think a bit wtf this Amy, why did she get ready a song for her funeral? Who does that? 

No just popped into my head then. Maybe that's why people say you shouldn't say everything that pops into your head. Heheh. 

Change of topic. 

The pub was so full on a Wednesday night. Everyone no need to work the next day? Me included. Heh. I did go to work, I did my job - quite well, if I may say so. Hahah.

If I was smiling, this would be my new profile pic.

But its not. Fail.


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