Thursday, 21 March 2013

24 hours a day is not enough..

I need more time in a day. It seems like I finally have time to lie down on my bed and draft this. Bed, cos I promised myself that I would sleep early tonight! No excuses. I have been sleeping around 1 am onwards almost every night. Bad for my health.

Anyway! I have some news:

1) I won the grand prize of our company annual dinner lucky draw and am now the proud owner of a new laptop! I am going to sell it though. HP i3 if anyone is interested. I know right, I'm a lucky bitch. So happy!!

2) It is getting closer and closer to my Japan trip! Visa approved!! :)) bad news is cherry blossoms opened so early this year. The earliest in 10 years!!! Ahh oh well, I am still going to Japan. Cs says its good too cos now we don't have to go to so many parks. Heh heh I had a few planned out but now we can cancel them.

3) Our new house is progressing as scheduled, which I am relieved and also secretly a bit scared of. Relieved cos we can move in soon! Scared cos it means payments are due. Foundation done..I foresee a lot of house talk I'm the future. Bear with me. I'm a housewife now ya know.

4) I can't wait to go on vacation. I need a break.

5) I am using my new iPad mini to write this actually. Testing it out. We bought it online. Yayers. Btw yayers= yay/double yay. Whatevs. Btw whatevs = whatever.

Can you tell I am getting bored? It's not easy typing here. Slowing me down. So yeah. Night all. I'll try to update more.

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