Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Camden Town

Hi. This is me. Or was back in 2006. At Camden Town. I have no idea why my face looked like that or why my eyes are so swollen. This is how I look like when I wake up in the morning. Eyes half open. Goofy looking.

I love that sweater. It is way over worn and I still have it. In my closet. Le awesome cousin gave it to me, along with a huge bag of warm clothes, consisting of sweaters, jackets, and scarves, when she heard I was going overseas.

Meet Shirley and Nifer. This was at the stall Nifer was working at. We were both free that day and went to visit her, as we normally do. Stand around chatting to her, buy food and eat there standing or sitting down on the steps, as shown in the last photo below.

Anyway. A little intro. This was at Camden Town. Northern line. The station was damn busy on weekends, that's how I remember it. There are a few markets here, Camden, Camden lock, Stables, and err I forgot the name. And also many pubs scattered around but that's typical. There are pubs at every corner.

During weekends, Camden is packed full with people visiting the markets, there are more stalls than usual, and a lot more punks than usual. You have to go visit if you're in London.

I have spent a lot of time here visiting Nifer at the various stalls she worked in, working in a few stalls in different markets, and many hours shopping and exploring all the markets here. Also spent a lot of time playing tourists to ex boyfriends, friends, and even Shirley's mum. I miss Camden.

I used that frog to attract customers to her shop. It croaks when you stroke it with the stick. Although it wasn't my intention to attract customers. I was just playing with her stuff..

Goth clothes cause that's what you see at Camden. Plenty of people dressed up in clothes like these and sporting funky hairstyles. And people dealing with weed. Secretly of course. I didn't know cos I looked kwai. Sorry but its true heheh.

It was only when I came with a friend, and only did I notice the people standing by the road side casually sidle up to him and offer/whisper to him. And all those times I wonder why people loiter outside pubs all the time. Zzz..

I worked at this handbag stall for a few weeks or was it months? Imitation bags that are illegal for sale in the U.K.

Once, the police came to catch these people working at the stalls for selling illegal imitation bags etc, and I thanks my lucky stars that I wasn't working that day. Heard it from my boss.

I stopped working there not long after that. I never did like working there. I suck at sales and talking to customers. I don't like freezing my ass off in the markets. Some more it was summer time. And no nearby toilets. Have to walk quite a distance.

But I liked the people there.. There were many Malaysians working in the markets and they all seem to know each other, hang out together, and were all very nice and friendly to me. Nice guys.

Spent a lot of time here. A lot of memories looking back at photos from Camden.

This was Nifer's own shop. Voodoo dolls!! Wish I bought one from her then.

Plucked up the courage to ask for a photo from this guy one day. Heh heh. And I was so dark then. Just realized my photos are from different dates, but it just goes to show that I was at Camden so often.

Taukenio at her own shop. She is damn li hai ok. Studying part time in London and somehow managed to find suppliers, import stuff and open up her own stall. Salute.

Playing with stuff from another stall that Nifer was working at then.

Life of a poor student. Haha yea right.

Three pounds per box, if I remember correctly. Chinese food. Rice with mix vegetables and sweet and sour pork. It tasted sooo good. Being away from home does make you miss Chinese food.

Being a student, we didn't care. Eat sitting on the steps, in front of so many people, so what? Nobody knows us, nobody cares.

Ask me to sit on the steps in Kuching now, and people might throw me some coins, or ask me for prostitution wtf! Haha. Kidding kidding.

Abrupt end.

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