Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Project 365 - Day 2

This almanac is on my office desk. We get one with every new year. Cs doesn't get why we need an almanac, and why is is important. At least to an office worker like me, it is important.

It is on this almanac that I would get to know:

- Public holidays are, and to countdown to them. Some months have no public holidays in them!! Not even one! The horror!!!

- When our festive seasons are. I love Gawai holidays as much as I love Hari Raya holidays, and Chinese New Year holidays, and Xmas, and Awal Muharram and Hari Raya Qurban. Oh and National Day. Oh and Malaysia Day. What else? Always nice to be forewarned, right? :D

- When to plan holidays when there is an Air Asia sale. Pfft we all do that right? Not just me?

I am aware that I sound like a slacker.

 We also get the rather useless info like when is King Tide. Cos it doesn't really matter here in Kuching. It rains anytime, heavy rain, light rain, King Tide makes no difference. It can rain and flood on a no King Tide day.

We also don't need to know when is sun rise and sun set. In Kuching, the sun rises and sets at almost the same time 365 days a year. No difference. According to the almanac, the sun will rise at between 0641 am to 0651 am in Jan, 0649 am to 0651am in Feb, and so on and so forth. Can't be bothered to list them out.

Anyway. This is my photo for today.

If only almanacs come with shooting star sightings eh? Hahah idiot. I still have not given up on that yet. I want to close my eyes and make a wish too.

OK. Ending this here.



Anonymous said...

Gambateh on ur project 365 daysss .. =)


Amy said...

Thanks Joanne! :D