Tuesday, 15 January 2013


The sunset view on the way home from work.

 These are from different evenings. 

I guess its obvious.

Oh and one edited photo and one unedited.

I guess that's obvious too. :)

Oh and I'm trying to pretend to forget about Project 365. Way too much hassle. :)

Air Asia sales - I'm trying not to think too much about it. No temptations. 

Btw, my new resolution is: no impulse buying. Refers to shoes bought online and air tickets, hotel reservations and groupon buys.

Lesson learned. No more impulsive shopping.

Shoes: Website says use Aldo or Charles & Keith as a guide. Well, I used C&K as a guide but its still too tight and the heels are impossible. Waaayy too high..its so steep. Times like these, I wish I'm shorter. Or Cs is taller. Times like these, I go around cursing short people. (Sorry). I said times like these! I don't do that all the time! Except when the dresses are too short lah. Yeah. (Sorry again). 

Groupon: Bought the massage thingy at Hilton. Called and called and called for a reservation but its all fully booked. Got pissed and sent an email to Groupon and got my money refunded to me. So I stopped buying groupons that require reservations in advance. Those like Life Cafe, which let customers walk in without reservations, those are awesome.

Think those are examples enough.


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