Thursday, 29 November 2012

Winnie's birthday

So a little update of life these days. It was Winnie's birthday on Tues (27 Nov), which means that we were busy celebrating and drinking. I have to wait for photos from her though.

I know that since its her birthday I'm supposed to say something nice, touching and sisterly. But I'm itching to say this so I'm just going to blurt it out now.

Yesterday I went straight to my mum's place after work to shower and get ready for the party at night. Not Winnie's party. Elsie's party - explain more below.

Anyway. My point is: Winnie's dressing table and closet. It is impeccable! Where is the dust? Where are the used cotton pads? Where is the clutter? My God, you could perform surgery in there! I kid you not. Hahahahha now I sound like a slob.

Ahem. I err let my used cotton pads (from my toner) accumulate till its a small hill cos I like it. Looks good what. When there's no hill, Cs asks: what happened? Where is the hill? =.= 

Repeat: Not a slob. . Ahem. Where was I? 

Surgery yeah. Seriously. Some more Winnie's stuff are all organized. So not used to seeing everything neatly positioned. I mean, every thing has its own place. A bit freaky. Hahahhaha. 

So, while Winnie was out of the room, I happily tried on her clothes and helped myself to her make up, and borrowed a pair of earrings. Without telling her. Hi yao! Now you know. Hahaha..

I'm having fun tormenting her on her birthday post. Hehe.

OK lah. Moving on.

Elsie is one of the taukenio of Planet Karaoke and pub and Planet Amore. At 3rd mile. We are regulars there. So, Elsie invited us all to her birthday party at her pub and restaurant. Which means, free food and drinks!!! Awesome! 

Thank you to Elsie and a very happy birthday! Many happy returns.

It was a Wed night. Too bad cos we all had a great time last night. Left there by 1130 pm. They didn't even cut the cake yet. I wonder how the other people managed to stay there so late? How to concentrate at work today?!

Which reminds me, Merdeka Mall is open in Kuching. On a Thursday! Parkson gave out RM 500 vouchers to the first 10 customers, and then 100 to I don't know how many people. And Dorothy Perkins gave out vouchers. And Starbucks was having some drinks?

My point: Kuching people no need to work?! Look at the crowd!!

I stole this photo off Charles' Facebook profile. Credits to Charles Liew. 


Back to topic. Winnie's birthday. So I know I'm supposed to say something touching and fake, I think, but I'm just gonna say whatever pops out of my head. Not always a good idea, I know. But anyway.

I don't have any recent photos of her. Guess whose fault is it yao? Hehe..she didn't send any photos or post anything on Facebook. So yeah. I had to dig through my old folders for these photos.

What happened here was: it was my birthday and hens party. After partying, showering, and removing make up, I collapse in bed and I just want to sleep. But she just won't leave me alone. She won't let me sleep!! We stayed up talking and taking photos. By talking, I mean me pushing her off my bed and asking her to shut up when I'm trying to sleep. Hahah but yeah, fond memories. :)

I think we got closer after I moved out of the house. We were always close when we stayed together in the old house. When we moved to the new house, she had her own study upstairs, so she stayed there all the time. I think that we strayed apart. Not just the two of us, but with my brother as well. 

At the old house, Winnie and I would have our laptops together at the same table. If one person laughs at something, the other would go over to see. Kevin would come see what's going on and we talk and laugh more because we're together most of the time. 

We eat fruits together after dinner, we go to the park together on walks with our ipods, singing while we walk trying to make the other guess the song. That used to make us so happy hahah. Of course if you know my sister at all, you know how hard it is to drag her to a park! Dancing on the other hand, piece of cake.

After we moved, I don't know why but maybe due to a combination of my work, Cs, new house, wedding planning, house moving, I had less time and stayed less and less at home. Some more our laptops are not together like it used to be, so we talk less and somehow quarrel more.

But I'm glad that  now we are back to old-house closeness again. Hahaa which means we are brutally honest with each other, we insult each other (affectionately of course), and tell each other everything. Well, I like to think so..sometimes I think she edits or hides information hahah but maybe I'm better off in the dark.

I like this photo..looks good.

One fine night when we stayed up drinking and chatting together. This happens quite often nowadays actually. Awesome time. Good thing we both drink.

Plenty of photos of the two of us on my blog so I don't want to keep posting the same photos. 

Anyway. I'm lazy to talk about us some more.

You know I love you yao! 

Happy 23rd birthday to Winnie!!

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