Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Simple Life

Scenario 1 (two mornings ago)

I shook Cs awake: wake up, we're gonna be late. Wake up.

Without opening his eyes, he turned to me and said (mumbled more like): wait, let me finish my char kuay tiaw.

Me: huh? Did he just say what I thought he said?

After he finally woke up, he said he was just about to eat his char kuay tiaw when I woke him up. Right before he put it in his mouth. Hehehe. It cracked me up.

Ever had that dream?

Scenario 2 (This happened to me this morning)

Cs: wake up, we're gonna be late. Wake up. (as you can see, we're almost always late!)

Me: I'm so tired..It's all your fault. I was cycling up and down 11 floors. I even travelled to Taiwan and Japan and back. (continue moaning). I'm so tired.

He burst out laughing.

The reason why, was he kept me up the night before because he couldn't decide whether to go to Taiwan or Japan next year. And we spent the day and night researching Air Asia, Tiger Airways, Agoda etc etc..which ended up in..my dream.

Like I said, its all HIS fault!

Ever had that dream when you're running up and down the whole night (in your dream), and by morning, you hardly feel rested?


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