Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween 2012

Hello hello.

Happy Halloween! 

Its that time of the year again where guys have the chance to put on make up and scare girls/kids silly, and girls can draw silly things on their face and dress as slutty or scary as they choose.

This year we went to Daniel's house on Saturday night to party. Actually it was supposed to be our once-a-month-red-wine-party. But we (and I mean, I) remembered that it was Halloween so we all dressed up as well. 

I did my own Halloween themed nails. I know I'm awesome. At copying I mean. Haha. I saw these designs on Instagram and copied from two sources.  

Like I always say, all you need  is shitloads of patience, and a steady hand. That's all you need. Oh yea nail polish pens of course. I got them from Sinma, Face Shop and Etude House. All at the Spring. Cheap. Experiment yourself. 

These were our alcohol that day. I had vodka and beer only. Didn't think it was a good idea to mix in some red wine as well. This is me talking after a hangover anyway on Sunday morning. Boo sama saya. I suck. Yea, I know. Hahah

I actually have no idea who or what I wanted to be.  During the afternoon of, I was still in a dilemma. What to wear? What to go as? A bit scared cos the person who didn't dress up is supposed to one-go a glass of red wine. Guess whose idea was that? 

Me. Of course.

Oh yea..sometimes I'm amazed at how smart I am. Hahha..

No lah..its just that we went to Jangkar Waterfall on Friday. I was recuperating from my many mozzie bites, bruises, cuts, and the body ache. Not really in the mood to dress up really. 

But actually, considering all that, I think I did not bad. 
 Close up of my make up. I suppose I could have done a better job with my spider web. At least my spiders look realistic.

I wanted to go as a witch. But I was a witch two years back..

So, I dunno..I wanted to go as cat woman. But I sort of went as a leopard last year too. I'm better than Winnie though. She was a sailor again this year. Heh heh. 

So I dunno. I went as a spider-woman. Hahaa outfit kinda fail though. Oh well. I bought that dress from Jenny last year? Or was that the year before. But I never wore it before. Typical. I have a valid reason though.

Mum and Winnie both went: errr...when I showed it to them. 

Daniel on the other hand, said it was really nice. Who should I believe?

Cs went as a Dementor. From Harry Potter peeps! 

That Sat afternoon, Cs and boon both went to Daniel's shop to buy 2 meters of cloth each for the night. Ah boon was quite creative. He cut holes for his eyes and mouth and bandaged his arms. For the cross, he cut it out of his shoe box. Talk about DIY. That box he's carrying? A cake box from Taka. Don't know how he lit it though.

I bought that mask Cs was wearing in Taiwan. He cut parts of it off to fit his own face. Not bad lah. After that it was just covering the whole head and body. At least he still looks like a Dementor.

Cs and boon both enjoyed themselves scaring every other girl who arrived. It was my job and Siew Ling (boon's gf) to lure the other girls upstairs into the room where they were hiding. Zzz..

Boys will be boys.

OK ending this post here for now. 


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