Tuesday, 30 October 2012

To make up for not blogging more often

I was looking through my blog and realized that I have so much more events that I have not talked about. I just seem to have less time on my hands these days. Or I have become more of a couch potato. I actually follow the Voice, the Amazing Race, I watch French Food at Home when its showing, I watch whatever E! Entertainment is showing, even the Kardashians though I try NOT to! 

I even watch Pawn Stars with Cs, and his endless badminton tournaments. Ask him anything badminton related, and he will have the answer. I put my foot down when it comes to WWE though. I don't like it. But since he tolerates my Grey Anatomy marathons, fine.. 

I have been sick the past two days actually. Feeling much better today already. Yesterday, it was nausea, vomitting and diarrhea. Whwn I told my doctor, the first thing he asked was: when was your last period?

HA! I knew it! Knew that he would suspect I'm pregnant. People seem to focus on the nausea and vomiting more than the diarrhea. Why? Is it cos I look like the type/age to get pregnant? 

Anyway. Moving on..


To make up for not blogging for so long (a week, me thinks), I am writing another post tonight! Mum and dad with Win and I. Kevin not in the photo cos he probably went out to smoke..

My parents are bloody hypocrites. They smoke in front of us and hide it from one another. They only smoke WHEN they drink. And only taking it from friends (whom I might add are very happy to provide), and not buying any of their own. I'm pretty sure my brother doesn't know about this. Oh well. As long as they don't start buying their own ciggies, then its still fine.


My shopping haul from Bangkok. I should have done a Taiwan haul as well.. In case you need more reason to go to Bangkok! I do want to go back, but Cs is not as keen. He has already been there twice and he would rather go to Taiwan. 

Taiwan? OK lah..I would rather go to Rome and Venice. Haha..further out of league. But yea. Anyone who knows me knows that I have wanted to go to Italy for the longest time.


In case you forgot how short Cherrie is. 

Or how fluffy. She no longer bites us as bad as she did when she was younger. She really did (sort of) grow out of it. Eli is the exception. She bullies Eli like craaaaazy! Really. But sometimes I think Eli deserves it. Eli goads Cherrie like craaaaazy as well. They are very ngam. Suited to be together. 

And yet, Cherrie looks for Eli in the kitchen every morning, and Eli loves the little monster to death. You get that we forget Eli is Muslim. Heh. Eli probably forgot she herself is Muslim. Lol. No lah. She doesn't eat pork but she is perfectly fine with dogs. Her parents know. We asked. They agreed.


I made spaghetti. Like usual. Then decided to pour it into a baking tray and added cheese to bake. Cs loves it. But really anything covered in cheese and baked tastes good! Cs had three servings! Always a good thing.  

Btw, I used minced pork, instead of minced beef/chicken. Cos that was what I had. And I always chop up carrots to go with it. And that looks like a hot dog in there as well. I was trying to make use of whatever I had in the fridge.. Fry it all up with some garlic, tomato puree, red wine, salt, pepper, herbs, and I forgot by now. Let it simmer and taste. And voila! Spaghetti. I sometimes added in some worchester sauce as well.


I love my sunnies and iphone apps.
Although I do admit this wasn't one of my best err..edit/accomplishments? Hahah.


For my birthday, we went to Porkies! Yea my birthday was all the way back in Aug. But I was talking to Winnie about her birthday plans this year and we couldn't remember what we did for mine. So yea. This photo is proof!

We couldn't finish that platter above cos as usual we ordered too much food. No worries. Tapaued them all to Planet later to finish. 

Just realized I don't have photos from my birthday night. Where are they?? Probably somewhere on Winnie's FB. That's what happens when you have a lousy camera on your phone. You have to depend on others. Me lazy to lug out my S90. Typical.


My parents love their salmon sashimi as well. Only problem is that dad loves squeezing lemon juice on them. Not as good with the juice. But its ok. Salmon is salmon. No complaints.


I don't remember if I posted these photos of Cherrie. But its ok. Drooling over cutie pie is perfectly ok.

I especially love the photo below. Look at that face. She has a leopard print dress too. Aww..


I'm hungry right now. Well not hungry but I just wanna eat something. Preferably those two below. Fried chicken and oyster mee sua from Ximending. I miss. ♥

I went to get a hair wash before going clubbing one night at Ximending, Taiwan. It was great! Costs about NT 250. RM 25. They massage my shoulders and neck before my hair wash, and during. 

Getting ready to go clubbing in Taiwan. Waiting for cousins to pick us up. By taxi. No driving after drinking. Very good actually. Much safer.

Mum and me at an old people's karaoke pub. HAHA. I don't mean to sound rude but in this case. Its true. Its basically an old pub, and the old people are all older than my mum and dad! They have white hair!! Can they drink?! Maybe they go there to sing only. But man. They go up on stage to sing, and even dance. Salute!

We are easily the youngest people/table there. My aunt is damn geng though. She ordered kaoliang for us to try. 58% alcohol. Beer only has 5%. This kaoliang was damn strong. Its only the same size as a normal Heineken bottle. But it took us the whole afternoon between four people to finish!

We added in many plums to add to the taste. Blehh. Its nice to try but I probably won't order that myself any time soon. 


Our cousin, upon hearing that champagne is expensive in Kuching, immediately passed us four bottles the next day. To finish in our hotel room. Is she awesome or what?? 

She buys them by the box, so she gets them cheaper.

Does she remind you of my dad, who buys whiskey by the box.

This is why we're family. 

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