Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Graduate

My title sounds like some John Grisham novel. Haha. The Testament. The Client. The Flowers. The Graduate. Quite apt. Not very creative but oh well.

These are photos from Winnie's graduation week. She was very excited and looking forward to it. She even volunteered to plan the graduation parties, book the venue and all. She spent days fretting over which dress to wear, and what type of make up would go with her dress and robe. She even sent me a few photos to help her decide.

I gotta say, I salute her. All that hard work did not go to waste. At least she looks good on the day itself. Good for photo taking.

Looks good at least.

So unlike me. For my first graduation, I didn't care much. Ecstatic but I was happier to go to Newcastle and Sunderland to explore the city. Our graduation was in Sunderland. About 3.5 or 4 hours train ride away from London. Wore my only formal looking long sleeved shirt and working pants and minimal make up. Ended up looking like this:

Not enough make up. I had trouble selecting the better looking photos. Hahah serves me right for not following Nifer. She looks the best out of the three of us.

Learned my mistake though and made an effort to look better for the other times. I think I mentioned it here and here.


But anyway! Back to Winnie. We went to have a family portrait taken the day before, as they could have the robe for 2 days. That's nice! So the students didn't have to rush to take the family photos on the day of. We went to this studio at Green Road that was home based. I forgot the name. Livornia Photography or something.

Believe it or not, these photos were taken in his carpark. Or front porch? Either one. We shall see how the photos turn out. The photographer was quite friendly though and he didn't mind that I took this photos beside him.

Cos some photographers do mind. They want to charge us for the photos so don't want us to take our own photos. But yeah this guy was still smiling as I took photo after photo. Nice.

After that we went to Rock Road seafood for dinner together. Its been a while since we went there. The good thing about the place is that all seafood are fresh. The fish are still swimming in the tanks while you pick out your dinner. So's the crabs and prawns. Fresh.  But I thought the meal was so so only. Not really that good. But that's just me, picky eater of the year.

In case you missed me..

My hair is getting quite long eh. Finally I can curl it again. I wonder if my curling iron can still be used? I packed it away months ago after I chopped off my locks. Come to think of it, where is it?

Hey just realized you can see Winnie in the photo as well.


Next day we went to BCCK for the ceremony. Winnie told me to be there by 1030 am. The graduates only came out by 12pm. Way to go engineer. Estimate wrong.

There were no chairs to sit down, no cafes to buy water or breakfast. So we stood there waiting. There were a lot of people like us as well, carrying flowers waiting.. 

My parents totally forgot about the flowers part. They called me up when they arrived and were already in the hall: ehh mi, did you buy flowers or not? Got? Oh ok then we don't have to buy. Zzz..

Proud parents with Winnie.

I'm sorry Yong Zit (far right). When we were waiting for the graduates to come out, Yong Zit called me and asked where is Winnie? Or something like that. But I forgot who he was!! So I err ignored him. My face expression was something else though. Not only did I ignore him, I looked at him weirdly. 

I thought he was looking at Cs, and so Cs and I were looking at each other then back at Yong Zit. To which all of us were embarrassed. I didn't hear his sentence but Cs did. After we walked away then Cs said: he was talking to u lah! He said something about Winnie.

After that Cherling came up to me and said, Yong Zit said you looked at him weirdly!! You don't recognize him?? He was at your wedding! Fuck. 

Then Winnie whatsapp-ed me: oi!! Yong Zit said you didn't recognize him and that you looked at him like he's some weird thing. HAHA it wasn't intentional lah! Come on. Everyone chill.

I apologized to Yong Zit after that. LOL. Idiot. Worst thing was we even went out drinking together just the Saturday night before too. Oh man what is wrong with me? Poor Yong Zit though hahaha.

I like this photo. We now have an engineer in the family! 

A week before her big day, she informed me: I want flowers.

 I startled for a while cos I totally forgot that it is customary in Malaysia to give flowers during graduation. When I told Cs, he had the same reaction as I had. Hahaha. Or could be we are just too old. Our friends are getting married or getting pregnant. No one is graduating anymore. 

Winnie wanted flowers, Winnie got flowers. She received 5 bouquets. Nice!

Congrats again to the engineer of the family.

 Btw she is studying again now for another Finance degree. So she will graduate again soon.


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