Friday, 11 July 2008


Just got back from Cardiff last night. Finally attended my graduation. I took the train to Wales on 9th July together with Shirley, Nifer, Brandon, his mom, brother and friend.

Photo taken at Cardiff Bay.

The first day there, it rained from morning till night. Armed with an umbrella each, we went to explore Cardiff. Bit pathetic really. But we are determined to do some sightseeing instead of staying in the travel lodge the whole day.

I shall skip the boring parts and share the highlights of my own trip.

BA graduation ceremony in Sunderland. 1/12/06.

There were a few differences between my Bachelors and Masters graduation. When we went on stage for BA, we walk to the Chancellor (or Dean of School - to be honest, I don't know who he is. wasn't paying attention. was busy taking photos like everyone else.) and receive our certificate and shake his hand while grinning widely then walk off the stage and return to your seat.

See if you can spot me.

This time, the ceremony was so long, so many people fell asleep. I myself dozed off once and quickly shook myself awake. I was afraid I'd be caught snoring. Leo was one of them caught snoring in his sleep. Haha..

For Masters, we walk on stage when our name is called, and we have to doff our hats at the Vice Chancellor(?) then walk off the stage without taking any certificates. It was a very hurried affair in my opinion as there were hundreds of students.

Luckily after I came back from the stage, I found myself seated to a cute guy who has a lot to talk about, keeping both of us from sleeping. We've been in the same class for a few months and never known each others name even.

Moving on. Slipped out of the hall after 1.5 hours.

St Davids Hall, where the ceremony took place.

Graduations are meant to be a happy happy day for everyone and it is but universities are using this happy happy day as a means of generating more revenue for themselves. Photographs surely do not need to cost £45 per shot. I know you have to rent the booth, equipment costs bla bla bla. But its still too much.

Our graduation robe itself costs £41. Sigh. For a few hours of photos and 3 seconds of walking across stage, you have to pay £41 because that is the custom. Because its once in a lifetime. Because you don't want to spoil the day.

Oh yea, Shirley bought me flowers. Thanks babe. I haven't received any flowers since..2 years ago on Valentines Day. What is it with girls and flowers anyway? I love flowers!

Nifer and I.

I like this photo of them cos its so natural. I have a fav photo of the two of them but sadly, am unallowed to post.

You'd have thought that walking on stage would be the happiest. But nope. I felt nothing. Just total boredom. Friends are all seating far apart and we have no choice but just watch the stage in front. When its finally my turn, my feet hurts from my high heels, I drag. no. walk myself across stage without a thought in my mind except that my robe is causing my shirt to ride up again.

This photo was from our Post Graduate Diploma graduation. Everyone was present then. Now, Quan is back in China and Peter chose not to attend.

The best feeling was came after we handed in our robes, then were directed down the stairs to submit our name and course and we are handed our certificates. Yeah! We were ecstatic. Jumping up and down. All our hard work the past year was summed down into this piece of paper:

Click for larger image. This piece of paper cost £4,950 in tuition fees. It represents sleepless nights, last minute studying and preparing, a swollen wrist, tears and friendships, and hopefully a soon-to-come job.

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