Thursday, 31 July 2008

Pizza Fever

I have a craving for Pizza. I want Pizza. I like Pizza. I need Pizza. Gimme Pizza. Someone eat with me! Why do I have a craving now? Period must be coming.

I miss Shirley and Nifer now. Hahaha..

Cheesy bites pizza. For my birthday. I've had Pizza for my birthday every year since i don't remember when.. And friends used to joke that they should just buy a Pizza as my birthday cake instead.

Nifer, Shirley and I used to order Pizza Gogo take away back in 168B Jamaica Road. We have the number programmed in our mobiles, and the Pizza Gogo website on favorite. Pathetic. We love the potato twisters and one crazy night we each ordered one portion to eat. Mind you, one portion is not small. Miss those days though.

Cheesy bites pizza in London. The first photo was in Kuching. Any difference? haha. cos Shirley always says the kch kfc tastes better, chicken is better etc.. so, pizza..i can't tell..

Forgot the name of this pizza. These are leftovers actually..:P

Nifer and I on New Years Eve 07 at Pizza Hut.

3 of us finished one large pizza and lived to regret it. Ok just me only. with good reason cos I used to be fcuking fat. Shirley used to work at Pizza Hut and man it was terrible. Why? Cos I love Pizza. And my best friend brings home free large pizzas nearly every night. I couldn't resist. Some more, after I finished work I used to go visit her sometimes and wait for her to close the store. While waiting, she fed me Pizza! There was Pizza Buffet and I get to eat for free cos of her la.

Pizza, lasagne, wedges, salad and even cakes. oh..and bottomless drinks. sigh. It was so so bad for me. But I enjoyed it. Haha. So much that it turned me from this

to this:

This photo was taken at the peak of my fatness. Haha. Very unflattering photo.

Its not just the Pizza. Obviously from my uniform, it's part McD fault too. McD combined with Pizza is obviously very unhealthy. I gained 10kg in 10 months! Its unbelievable and I hope I don't ever get so fat even when I'm pregnant in the future. God, no!

Shirley in the kitchen. Since we've all worked in kitchens before, we know how "clean and hygenic" a restaurant really is. =)

In the Pizza Hut kitchen with Rudy during closing time.

This post is actually very effective at stopping me from eating. Just looking at past photos are enough to stop my craving. haha..

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