Thursday, 24 July 2008

Just an ordinary night

Since I'm bored and am insomaniac, I shall write another post. This time about the few lame songs I happen to like.

I'm so sick of apple bottom jeans, boots with the so sick of it. Whenever this song comes up I wanna pull out all my hair and squeeze your tits till they bleed. I'm gross but ignore me. I'm like that. No, I don't mean it.

I like modern talking's you're my heart, you're my soul. The rhythm and the beat from the beginning makes you want to dance right? Ignore the lyrics. Just listen to the beat of the music, close your eyes and sway your hips, throw your hands in the air and forget everything else. Just dance!

What goes around comes around by Justin Timberlake. I don't know. I believe in karma. And Scarlett Johannson with JT is HOT! I can imagine them in bed together.

Rule the world -Take that. The starting of the song, his voice is so sexy. Don't ask me why. I'm lame like that. But when it reaches the chorus, I don't like it so much. I don't get the lyrics. Its perfect for stardust and fairy tales but not real life.

Immortality by Celine Dion feat Bee Gees. If I die, I want this song played during my funeral. Remember Shirley. Haha. Isn't it boring to have some prayer songs during your funeral? Not mine. I want this song. If possible, can put Careless Whisper too? I must remember to include it in my will. I have a lot more songs. I'm a lame ass and a kid at heart so I love disney songs such as A whole new world from Aladdin. Or Colors of the wind from pocahontas, and part of your world from little mermaid, can you feel the love tonight from Lion King and much more.

This is me signing off..

In Edinburgh exactly one year ago.

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