Friday, 4 July 2008



1) I got my Toshiba laptop back fully repaired. *fingers crossed*

2) I went to LSC and got my academic transcripts and certificate. I now hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Management in addition to my BA but I am still unemployed.

3) I want to apply for Post Study Work - Tier 1. Under the new 1st July 2008 replacing IGS Visa regime. 2 years. £400 visa fees if applying in UK. and RM1374 to apply in Malaysia. Let's hope and pray I get it ok.

4) Cardiff MBA graduation next week, start preparing (diet) and packing. Also decide on air ticket ASAP.

5) Malaysia's national drama involving leading government figures, conspiracy claims, sodomy allegations, and the grisly murder of a Mongolian woman appears to be driving Malaysia towards its biggest political upheaval since its independence in 1957. The Press must be having a field day.

I bet the world is laughing at Malaysia. This is resembling a political circus.

6) In London, the number of teenage killings have only gone up instead of going down. Yesterday, 2 French students were stabbed 250 times, tortured and then set ablaze in a flat at New Cross. Hours before that, a 16 year old was stabbed in South east London. He passed away calling for his mother at midnight, making him London's 18th teenager to be murdered in London this year.

I see more policemen then usual in the streets stopping random teenagers, and setting up metal detectors at tube stations but why are there still so many killings?

7) Last but not least, Prune Juice is da bomb. Haha.. Pun intended.

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