Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Wednesday, November 14 2007

Had a really really fucked up day and i just want to sit and drink alone with my ipod. but, was held up at work till 8pm. irritating customers, and gloomy weather. in London, the weather is so gloomy and depressing. I'm actually looking forward to going back to kch. thunderstorms and go out in the rain. or hot sun, and stay at home in the air con. at least i don't have to bundle up every time i want to go out. so cold that i don't want to go out every day. i can wear shorts and skirt, no more tights. no more jackets!! i can wear high heels!! i hate London weather. one good thing tho, I'm getting fairer. don remember the last time i was in d sun? few months back??!! another winter is here, time flies. what have i done the past year? so fast I'm in my final semester...damn.

different country, different culture. my name is Amy but , I've been called darling, baby, princess, sweetie more instead of Amy. "baby, u have to take a break. You're trying too hard" "princess, pass me the sauce please?" thank u darling. everyone is polite here. even those street rats. i served a guy with a black eye today. he got punched in the eye, and it was bleeding. he was dressed like a rapper, and i didn't dare look at his face when i talked to him. he looked like he'd punch me if i told him to wait. but still he's polite and nice to me. somehow, those impolite and rude people are well dressed women. first class bitches!

In Kuching, no one says thank u or please. if u open the door, they push through as if they r right. even in buffet in hotels or restaurant, people don't queue up for food and push through. but here, in one day i seem to be repeating myself. please and thank u. sir, madam. when i forget to say please, people remind me straightaway. when i go back to kch, friends laugh at me for saying please n thank u. people look at me like I'm weird. sigh. I'm tired. of being fake. i wonder how people do it?

i hate to say this but its Chinese people who r the most rude customers. i waited on some Malaysians before. this guy looked like i owed him money when i politely smiled and asked how can i help? and threw the money on the tray like I'm a dog. and when he asked for ketchup, he just came and pushed through the queue and said: Tomato!!! no please, no thank u. and people were all staring. i know not all Malaysians, just him.. the Pig!

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