Thursday, 17 July 2008

Before graduation at Cardiff

It is 4am in Malaysia and I can't sleep. I was yawning the whole night and slept before 12am but woke up at 3:30am. Now, I'm stuck here blogging alone.

Brandon posing.

I shall blog about Cardiff for no particular reason except to post up photos. As I've mentioned in recent posts, it was raining the whole day. Our initial plan to explore Cardiff failed miserably.

Lucky we booked the travel lodge which was very near to the station, some 2 minutes walk only. Got ourselves checked in and then armed with an umbrella each, we went out exploring. Because it was raining so heavily, we couldn't really stick to our plan and map and instead went inside any shops which looked interesting enough.

By sheer luck, we walked ourselves into a Shopping Center. Oh yea. I almost forgot!

Shirley and I shopped together while the other 5 were shopping by themselves. After trying on a few tops and skirts, Shirley bought herself a skirt while I was left wandering around the scarf section. I saw one I liked but with no price tag, so I didn't know the price.

I wrapped it around my neck and went in search of a mirror. But I ended up talking with Shirley and walking around the store with it. I forgot about it while I was digging in my bag for my vaseline. When Shirley (who was on the phone with Nifer) walked out the store and past the metal detectors, I just followed stupidly. I completely forgot about the scarf around my neck (was still looking for vaseline).

Only when Shirley put down the phone, turned to look at me and GASP! Amy! The scarf! Then I panicked. But, no alarm rang. Nothing happened. My scarf didn't have a price tag or a metal thingy. I got lucky. I was thinking should I take it back or leave it? I had already walked myself out of the store, so I thought forget it.

Said scarf wrapped around my neck. I'm a happy shopper. Hahaa..

Lets hope no one who works in Cardiff reads my blog.

Shirley, Nifer and I shared a hotel room while the other 4 shared a room. Too bad 3 of them in the other room were very jet lagged and slept by 7pm. Brandon came into our room for talks and supper till late at night. Amazingly, I think this was the only time I talked so much to Brandon even after knowing him for 3 years. We bought ourselves some Ben & Jerry's ice cream from the vending machine for supper at the travel lodge lobby.

Everyone was staring at us. It was so embarrassing cos we were all in our nightgowns, none of us willing to change. Nifer was barefooted; her only shoes were high heeled boots, and I was without a bra, and Shirley was the only one almost decently dressed. :p

Among the places we went to were Cardiff Castle and Cardiff Bay. Being rather stingy, none of us wanted to go inside Cardiff Castle after seeing the £9 entry price. So, we took photos outside the castle and in the souvenir shop where we bought some gifts.

I got myself a horse or a stallion while the others bought fridge magnets.

Me outside Cardiff Castle.

Again. I don't think anyone of my classmates went inside. There were hundreds of us and I saw many photos taken outside the castle but none inside. They should think about reducing entrance price eh. How about a 2 for 1 ticket?

Earlier in the day, we went to Cardiff Bay. It was so peaceful and quiet there. In fact, Cardiff seemed to be really quiet to me. Compared to London of course. And much less people walking around in a hurry. Unlike Londoners who are so fast paced. You get caught up in their system over time and now I can't stand people who walk slowly especially in the Underground.

Poser failed. I know my hair is messed up.

Because we were from London, we walked through the city center pretty quickly without going into any of the shops. We can shop in London. In Cardiff, we want to see scenery, beach anything. Something you don't see in London. The first time we went up to Newcastle, our tour guide brought us to the city center where we were all secretly bored and wishing he'd bring us somewhere else. Haha. Unfortunately, there is no somewhere else.

Shirley, Nifer and I.

Ok, here I'm being plain evil. I fed the swan my chewing gum secretly hoping it'd choke and die. But alas, the swan was smarter than me. It sniffed, chewed and spat it out. Twice. Fine. My little experiment failed.

The damn swan.

Three of us outside someplace. Bus brought us here and we took photos. That's it.

This is Nifer's mum, Nifer, Shirley, me and Nifer's brother's gf. I'm sorry but I forgot her name.

There wasn't much to see so we walked around taking photos everywhere. Like this one.

The three of us in our hotel room.

Nifer, Brandon, Shirley and I were the only ones who knew what happened during our Bachelor graduation when I fell in love with our tour guide back in Newcastle. I met him at Newcastle train station together with Nifer, Shirley, Shirley's mum, Brandon, and Micky. The first day, all I got was his name. He was Nifer's friend.

The second day, having explored Newcastle we went ice skating. He asked to hold my hand, to teach him to skate. Twice. That night he came to stay at our travel lodge with us. (Me, Shirley, and her mum). We went out for drinks and talked late into the night.

Third day, all of us went to York. When we were left alone, we both knew there was nothing innocent about the way we shared drinks and our food while looking into each others eyes. He stayed the night at the travel lodge again on the sofa bed with me. *sigh*

Fourth day, it was our graduation. After the ceremony at Newcastle train station, he asked me to stay with him in Newcastle while everyone went back to London. I was supposed to go with the others but I didn't. I stayed in Newcastle for 20 days and we went to Amsterdam together. Then I went back to Malaysia to apply visa to study Masters. Yes, I'm so useless. And yes, bringing me to Newcastle has changed my life.

Willie, me, Nifer and Shirley on graduation day. 01/12/06.

Now, can you blame me for not being able to sleep on the same sofa bed the night before graduation again??

Did I mention our tour guide is Willie? Yes, that's how I met Willie. How we got together after 3 days.

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