Sunday, 20 July 2008


Tonight I went out with Winnie. Just the two of us after dinner. Its been a long time since we talked together.

When she went to the toilet, one guy came up and passed his name card. Or rather, his friend's name card. He said his friend is shy and don't dare come up to talk to me. I said well, I don't like shy guys. Sorry. He asked what type of guy do I like? I said I have a boyfriend. I like my boyfriend.

My supposed boyfriend.

During graduation, I met a guy who asked me if I'm a lesbian. He started by asking if I'm single? I said yes. Then he asked do you like men? I said yes. He said you're not lesbian? I laughed. He was definitely charming. It ended with him asking me out to dinner, to lunch, to breakfast, to lunch. I just laughed and said no.

In Kuching, men give out name cards very easily and buy you drinks. Somehow people think I'm not a local. I have men guessing my nationality in Kuching even whereas in London I seem to look like Japanese or Korean more than Malaysian.


I wonder how would men feel when the ladies turn them down? Pretty embarrassed right. I know I would. Like just now, a guy kept calling me but I pretended I didn't hear him. I'm so hou lien, I know. But I didn't want to attract more attention.

I should write a ladies point of view here.

If I smile at you, it doesn't mean I will give you my number. I'm just being friendly. I smile at everyone.

When you ask for my number and I say I don't have a phone, I'm lying. I just don't want you to call me. Don't try to write down your number for me. No need. Thank you.

When you buy me a drink, doesn't mean I want to go out with you.

If I like you, I will call you, ask for your number, try to get close to you.

Maybe its not all girls. maybe its just me. Maybe I'm a natural flirt. I don't know..

Maybe I'm too friendly..

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