Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Malaysia Airlines

I noticed that Malaysia Airlines has reintroduced hot meals on its KL - Kch route instead of the box meals (sandwiches) it used to serve while cutting costs. During then the reason they switched to box meals was to save on fuel costs, no need to carry heavy trays, heat up the meals. So, they served sandwiches, fruits, chocolate. Now, its back to hot meals but not in a tray, still in a box. Lighter I guess.

The box meals for domestic flights. Now, they have a hot meal inside this box.

But for the London - KL route, they are really cutting costs. Is it just me, or do I notice the flight attendants services deteriorating. I've always been a loyal customer of Malaysia Airlines on its KL - London routes for 3 years now.

A typical meal on MAS for long haul flights, economy class.

They still serve hot meals like they used to. 3 selections during supper, and 2 selections for breakfast/light meals. And food always runs out so you're out of choices. Also, they use the plastic wrap as a cover now, instead of the usual type. I don't know how to explain. Ok, apparently MAS decide to cancel desserts too. You get no ice creams, and no sandwiches in the middle of he night. And also they do not serve drinks as regularly throughout the night.

Chicken curry with rice. This is what looks like inside.

From my experience this time, I sincerely do not think they deserve the title of full service carrier 5 star airline. They are downgrading their service seriously.

Before, I used to think MAS cabin crew are the best compared to Singapore Airlines (SIA). But now, I beg to differ. SIA is definitely better in terms of inflight entertainment, food, and services.

Poor Idris Jala. BTP not going according to plan then.

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