Monday, 7 July 2008


Willie and I had originally bought tickets to Blankenberge on Saturday. They cost 17.80 euros per person. What we didn't know was Blankenberge was a 2 hour train journey from Leuven. It was already 1pm by that time. So, instead we bought tickets to Brussels and resolved to wake up at 6am on Sunday to go to Blankenberge.

That's the good thing about those weekend tickets. So, we went to Blankenberge on Sunday. Among Blankenberge's main attractions were the Sealife, the seaside and the casino.

The 2 hour train journey passed pretty fast. Oh yea, we woke up late that day at around 930am. By the time we showered, changed and packed, it was 1030am. Our train was at 11am, and the walk from our place to the station was 30mins. Willie insisted that I "borrow" one of his housemates bike and ride to the station with him.

I'm glad I did. It felt so good! Willie was on his own bike. Cruising along the road early in the morning. There were hardly any cars on the road on a Sunday morning. We arrived at the station 10 mins later, locked up the bikes and went to check on the train times.

We whiled away the 2 hour journey eating breakfast, talking and listening to music. On arrival we searched for Sealife. Followed the road signs for some 10 minutes and arrived.

Willie loves fish and all seafood. He loves to eat and rear fish. He has an aquarium at home in Penang, and a mini aquarium in Leuven in his studio flat. He was so happy and excited to be there. Like a little boy.

Sting ray. The first sting ray I ever saw in real life was dragged to me by my own sister by the beach. I was 8 or 9 years old, on the beach with my brother and sister. My sister 5 years younger than me suddenly came up to me dragging this dead sting ray about the same size as the one in the photo. It was dead and washed up on shore and my sister found it and proceeded to show it to us.

Gold Arowana. Willie said touching an Arowana is good luck. So, I did what he did. We put our hands into the pool. Inside this pool were a lot of other fishes and sting rays. What we do for luck. Haha. So, I did what he did and put my hand in the water and wait for the Arowana to come up to my hand (it probably thinks its food) and I stroke it. Once. Twice. For luck. Hmm..

Angel Fish. Willie has 2 Angel fish in his own aquarium at home but one got eaten by his lobster, and the other is still alive but tortured. By tortured, I mean the fins and tail were clipped by the lobster. He (i assume)/It is so aggresive. I shall blog about the damn lobster next time.

Piranha. I like the decorations of this aquarium. They put human skeletons in here to show that piranha's are man eating fishes. This aquarium is closed meaning I can't put my hand in to try and see what it feels like to have a fish bite you. Or to stroke it. Idiot, i know..

Huge ass crab. or crayfish. I don't know. I just know its huge. I can imagine that thing being cooked, fried preferably. ahh..must be delicious.

Octopus. Click for larger image. The eye looks creepy eh. Looking at its tentacles, I'm thinking of Japanese sashimi. Haha..sorry man. I love seafood. Nearly all type of seafood. I know I'm supposed to admire these sea life and supposedly, i don't know, preserve them or something. But all I can think of is how delicious they would taste. Anyway, octopus to me = sushi, sashimi with wasabi.

Eel. Looks gross doesn't it. Click for larger image. This eel is really green, and fat and huge. As usual, first thing that comes to mind is unagi sushi. I love this! My favourite sushi of all.

Unagi sushi. That's how an eel would look like after being cooked. Delicious.

Willie posing. When we reached this tunnel, we were like wow. But, it was actually a very short underground tunnel, beautiful nonetheless.

I shall let the pictures do the talking here as I really don't know what to write about these sea life I can't eat. Haha..

Seals. I took a video of them, shall post them up next time.




After Sealife we went to the Casino. I forgot the name of the casino and I didn't even take one photo. Shame on me. I shall blog next time. Going to sleep.

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