Thursday, 31 July 2008

Nineteen Minutes

I have nightmares nearly every night and I'm not getting enough sleep. It sucks!

Mummy and daddy are nagging me to sleep more every night. Truth is, I'm more afraid of the nightmares than I'm afraid of their nagging.

So here I am again...

Entertaining myself and hopefully someone else as bored as me.

I've read Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult not too long ago. She is one of my favorite writers. Her books make you think even after you've finished reading them. Kind of like Grey's Anatomy. You think a lot after watching the movie. Sounds a lot like the type that suits Wending. Haha. You should read this book then!

Nineteen minutes is about this high school kid (Peter Houghton) who shoots his fellow school mates. WHy? Cos the bullying was unbearable. He was bullied since the first day of Kindergarten.

His revenge?


Can you imagine looking forward to school since before you started first grade? On the school bus, bullying started. Tripped in the hallways, head stuffed into the toilet bowls, spit in the mouth, pants pulled down in the cafeteria. This has been going on for the whole of your school life.

Your revenge was murder! Is it that bad?

I have no comment. I finished that book weeks ago and I haven't brought myself to blog about it yet which shows my indecisiveness. Who is wrong here? The bullied kid? Or everyone else at school who forced him to become like this?

Sure, killing is wrong. Of course it is. But..if it was you, what would you do if you were Peter Houghton?

Stood up to it? Would it have made it worse? Ignored it like he did and keep getting bullied and watching the girl of his dreams go away.

Is Peter Houghton really wrong? Maybe you have to read the book to sympathize. You can read more about the book here.


Wending Tang said...

Where can I get the book? However, I doubt that I can finish it. I am not a fan of reading. Is there movie based on the book?

Amy said...

I bought mine in London. You should be able to find it in any book store there: Borders, Waterstones, WH Smith etc. You might not like the book. =P And I don't think there's a movie based on the book.

Anonymous said...

"Her books make you think even after you've finished reading them. Kind of like Grey's Anatomy."

Oh, My, God..........