Friday, 4 July 2008

Belgium - Chocolates

One thing Belgium is famous for is definitely its chocolates. According to the Belgian Tourist Office, Belgian chocolates has been the food for champions, a lure for lovers, the indulgence of the rich and later, and favourite of the masses.

Most people know the international well known brand Godiva Chocolatier which originated in Brussels. But there are also a lot of other chocolate brands such as Corne Royal, Leonidas, Guylian etc.

Godiva. Badly taken photo. Sorry. Was salivating at the chocolates.

As you walk around in Brussels Central, you see chocolate shops everywhere. They all look so delicious. Pralines, milk chocolate, champagne truffles, dark chocolate, butter cream, strawberry, white chocolate etc.

Chocolate Fountain Fondue dipped in strawberry, cherries.

But they don't come cheap though. For these little beauties, you might have to pay around 25 euros per box at least.

Chocolate souvenir shops around every corner

I chose some chocolates for myself from this pile:

A beautifully almost perfect sculpted chocolate shell that conceals a center of rich smooth filling which explodes with a surprising texture and flavor in your mouth. Many chocolatiers still make their pralines by hand. Another type of orgasmic pleasure exploding in my mouth with every bite. Ehh..getting a bit carried away.

Chocolate with red wine

I tried praline chocolates with bailey fillings, and champagne truffles, but not with red wine. Hmm..would that be nice? Not tempted to try..

Chocolate coated nuts, raisins, yoghurt and white chocolate coated nuts and almonds etc

For Winnie if you're reading this, yea i bought some chocolate for you guys.

For me, time to exercise more.

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