Thursday, 24 July 2008

Remembering the past

Tonight I went out with my parents and their friends. One of my dads friend, let's call him Mr X. He was a student in London some 20 years ago. I had fun chatting with him. He was mostly reminiscing on past memories about his studies, the tube fare (10p???), the food (50p all you can eat), his university etc.

He used to work in Burger King where he was paid £1 per hour. I said I'm paid £5 per hour now and after midnight its 50p more per hour. He was paid £2 per hour after midnight and they get transport back home for free. I told him times changed now.

Random photo taken at Covent Garden.

Oh yea, according to him, in Chinatown back then there were naked women siting in front of the windows, and you insert 10p into the slot and they dance for you. He wasted a lot of money on them. Haha.. Times change. Chinatown has changed too.

Also, apparently the hottest movie star then was Jackie Chan and even the black guys watch him kung fu kick ass. We exchanged views on the McD vs BK fries and kebabs vs fish and chips.

Kebabs and fries opposite Harringey McD.

My behind at Trafalgar Square.

It was interesting to hear the other side of London some 20 years ago. He has never returned to London saying he never found England his home. Instead, he prefers Australia and New Zealand. That's interesting.

I've never really been interested in going there. Don't know why. After college, I chose UK to Aus cos my friends were in UK. My dad didn't want me to go to NZ even though I expressed interest in studying there. His reason was: its too cold in NZ. Not good for your health. Its just an excuse..

Going to London has definitely changed me. These photos are mostly from 2 years ago when I was so messed up. I'm totally fine now which is why I can blog about them now. I got this tattoo with Nifer at Covent Garden on a bright, sunny summer afternoon. Yes its fake.

I was saving money for a real one but lucky I didn't get it. It may seem like a small thing for others but a tattoo for me is permanent and it'll stay with me a life time. I took a lot of time to think about it and in the end I didn't get a real one. I will never ever get one this life time now. I'm sure.

I started drinking heavily in summer of 2006.

It has changed me. London has changed me. But no, I don't regret anything. Sounds so cliche. But its true.

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