Monday, 28 July 2008

Birthday plans

Birthday coming up. Yeah! Yeah! In case you didn't know that was a fake cheer. I'm so not looking forward to my birthday. I'll be right here blogging on the stupid day itself. Most probably I will be here drinking alone with my damn laptop.

Mummy asked me what do I want to do for my birthday. I wanted to reply her with:

I want a repeat of my birthday last year where when the clock struck midnight, I was in bed with Willie while messages from friends arrived. Then on the day itself I spent the whole day and night with Willie and going out to dinner with a bunch of very good friends at Pizza Hut and club at Heaven later in the night where everyone went completely crazy. The night ended at 5am with me in bed with Willie again..

Willie and I at home getting ready for a long night ahead.

Yea, I wish I could tell mum that. Instead, I said: i want to have Pizza.

She laughed at me and said I'm easily satisfied.

hahahahaa..oh yes. I am.

Since I can't sleep, I shall upload photos of last year. Because I like.

At Pizza Hut with my very kiasu cake.

Our group. We had so much to eat; everyone was bloated.

In the club.

Later in the night when we all look like shit. Make up smeared and all sweaty.

This is gone. Both gone. Tipsy.

Quan looking seriously deranged after alcohol. Haha..

Peter. Nicest Thai guy ever.

OK, I'm going to end this post with my own tipsy looking photo:

Hunchback of Notredame alert

One year older Amy.

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