Friday, 12 October 2012

Pictars from Kevin's cam long long ago

These photos were mostly taken in Dec 2011 or during Chinese New Year (CNY) eve or the first day of CNY.
Long overdue photos. I took Kevin's DSLR over to my place last night to upload the photos and realized there were all these photos that I have never seen before.

New Year eve at Sarawak Club last year. The theme was Circus Trapeze. So there were a lot of clowns giving out balloons. I always wanted these balloons but clowns only give to kids. Not to working adults. So yea. Happy we got it finally!

 I talked about the event here, and for the year before that here.

For 2012, the theme is the Great Gatsby. Whatever that means. I Googled it and a book and movie came out. No idea how is it related. Anyway, its black tie, so just dress up anyway. Time to go shopping. Feel like wearing a maxi dress..just cos I haven't worn one in ages.

This was on CNY eve. Look at little fatty all dressed up in a pretty sailor dress. Beyond cuteness. So pretty. Hahah btw, we did not dress her up especially for CNY. She has a few little dresses for the evenings and nights cos she might get cold in the air con room with us. Especially if its raining at night.

Cherrie sleeps with my parents in their room. Pampered eh. She alternates between her own basket on the floor or on the bed by their feet, or between their pillows, sometimes climbing over my dad's head (literally) at night to get over to my mum's side. Damn cute.

Look at that face!!

Cherrie is scared!!

Kev and the other men (cos women sit and take photos like me) go handle the fireworks every CNY eve. I have not lit any fireworks since I was a kid. The men light them and clean up every year. Yay for us. I'm the official photographer. That's my job. Winnie's is to...I don't know really..she just stand there admiring, and mum is to watch over Cherrie.

Every year our grandma, aunts and uncles and their kids come over for CNY reunion dinner and the whole extended family wait till midnight for the fireworks to start and then leave. So in between the time it takes after dinner to midnight, we talk, drink, play cards, watch tv, and soak up the festive atmosphere!!

I'm sooo looking forward to CNY!!

Mum brought the little girl out here to watch as well. That is why she looks so scared. But still cute.

If I am not mistaken, Cherrie was squirming around too much so mum brought her in instead.

This photo was taken the next day on the first day of CNY. I was only here the first day. Second day, Cs and I joined his family in Taiwan. Awesome trip that I realized I forgot to blog anything about CNY at all. Real smooth mi.

I love that skirt. Got it from supre website. It was a hassle to ship and everything but Winnie's friend handled it. Kudos to Amber. Super worth it but haih ended up giving the skirt away. Don't ask!

One with the sista!

All of us kids. Although "kids" is used verrryy loosely here. OK fine kids should not be in this sentence.

But look how slim I was back in Jan. Fuck this shit how did I gain so much weight? 3 kg btw, does not sound like much but I'm pretty sure I won't look that good in that white singlet and skirt any more. Not that I have it anymore. Boo.

Fast forward to October. This photo below was taken earlier this week. Dinner with the family to celebrate Winnie's graduation. I'll post photos for that next time.

Gawd..minus those eyebags, I would put this as my new profile pic. Too bad. Sorry next time Cherrie. Another time.

Look at that face!! Wanna strangle her sometimes for being too cute and sometimes for being too spoilt or bitchy.

She looks like our baby here eh. Maybe I should go ahead and get pregnant soon. Not exactly young mi. Can't keep playing. That was what my aunt said to my mum: Amy so old already, still don't want to have kids ah? =.=

Haiya we have plans ok. People should stop asking me this. I know lah, I'm at the age where half my friends are pregnant or have one or two kids (or more), or are like me. Even my colleagues who got married more or less the same time as me are pregnant or have given birth. Whaii so fast?! After marriage straightaway forgo all birth control methods?! Make me look bad. Or I make you look bad. Makes sense?

On one hand, sometimes I feel like: oh lets just go ahead and do it. (Especially after reading Xiaxue's post! If people get pregnant after reading her post, she should win that Most Influential Blogger Award for the rest of her life hahahha). Its the same for Cs as well. Ahhh..but then Air Asia starts tempting us and we start planning our next vacation and babies go out of the window again.

But like I said, we have plans lah. Just stop asking me. Weird. Isn't it considered rude? Especially when they start to pat my stomach. =.= Go away.

In the meantime, we have little precious here to coo over..

Too cute. Ok bye!

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