Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Jangkar Waterfalls

I have wanted to go to Jangkar Waterfalls ever since I saw photos from friends Facebook after they went. It looked awesome and they said that it was a quite an easy walk. Easy compared to Mt. Santubong.

I should have been more well prepared though. Wore proper shoes instead of slippers. But the other guys all wore slippers. Some other girls wore proper running shoes though and longer pants and long sleeved shirts.

The reason why slippers were more preferable was because you could get wet. We were going to the falls after all. A lot of trekking through mud and stepping into water. So yeah slippers were still ok.

We drove to Lundu and went to Kampung Biawak. Don't ask me how to go. Try to Google it. I just follow. Its a good strategy. Don't have to be in charge heheh.

When you reach the Kampung, just ask the locals how to go to the waterfalls. They will arrange a guide and quote you a price. Maybe RM 50 or RM 100. Depends how many people in your group. If you go in a big group, after you divide the money up, it won't cost you nothing. 

We were in the jungle most of the time so no fear of sun burnt. I did apply and reapply sun block religiously though. So yea. Cs did get a bit sun burn on his shoulders though. Nothing compared to Winnie though. Heheh snicker snicker. (Inside joke). Kidding yao. If you're reading this. It will go away soon enough.

About 15 mins in, I cut my toe on a branch walking too fast. Actually not my toe. Its right between my big toe and second toe. Not fun. 

I was wearing flip flops. Try to ignore the mismatched toe length and the faded nail polish. Focus on the cut. Quite deep and bleeding. No plaster in the middle of the jungle. Smart mi. Real smart. 

So yea. I posted this so people can learn from my mistake. Either wear shoes and risk getting them wet, but no cuts. Or wear slippers and never mind wet feet but risk getting injured. Mind though, I'm the only one who got this cut. The other slipper wearing people were fine. Boo.

Also don't forget your mosquito repellent. I walked into the jungle with no repellent and walked out with at least 20 bites. I kid you not. This is just a friendly reminder folks. For people who are planning to go to Jangkar Waterfall.

Moving on..moving on. The hike was about 1 hour each way. 1 hour of speed walking. And only stopping a few times to wait up for the people walking further behind.

We have finally arrived!! 

The water was so clear and icy cold!!

In this photo below, they just pulled John up from below. We girls took a longer route by the side to come up, but he wanted to take this way. So he did.

I think these three were trying to get into Facebook. No line though. Couldn't connect. We all tried.

They said that the last time they were here, the falls were stronger. Probably the rainy season or something. This was considered normal, or less. Oh well. I thought it was strong enough. Icy cold water ready for us to jump in after an hour of non stop sweat. Yes, please. No complaints!

Did I mention our guides were two kids? This kid in the water below and another kid. They were about 10 or 11 years old only. And obviously in much greater shape than us all. 

Happy me and Cs.

Oh btw, there are no places to change at all. Nada. Vero and I changed into our bikinis behind a rock. Holding an umbrella over the other one. Yeah. And changed out of our bikinis the same way.

There were a lot of flies and bees buzzing around as well. Cs and Boon both got stung by bees. Just one each but no harm done. Pulled the sting out of each other and went back to swimming.

Our big group. There were 11 of us that day. Good fun! The more the merrier actually! 

Vero and I.

We stayed for around 2 hours? Or less. I'm not sure. We jumped into the water, ate our keropok, took plenty of photos and packed up and left. Just in time actually.

By the time we reached our cars, it started drizzling. We drove to a restaurant for lunch at about 3++pm. By the time we left and got into our cars, it started raining heavily. Good timing again! 

Reached home at 5++ pm. Tiring day out. I was trying not to fall asleep in the car cos I didn't want Cs to drive alone. I stayed awake to talk to him and keep him awake as well. 

The next day, my body was aching all over. I'm so not an outdoors gal! But it was good fun though. I don't regret the trip. I regret not bringing a mosquito repellent though. I would wear slippers again. Heheh.

I would not go to the falls again. Once is enough. I would rather go to Niagara Falls. No need to hike a long way, and can get into a boat under the falls. Looks like an awesome experience. I read about it once and can't get it out of my mind.

Kinda awesome eh?

OK. Bye.

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