Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Famous Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

I was looking through my drafts the other day and saw this. Have I really not finished with Bangkok? Jeez I'm slow.

My other Bangkok posts are here: clubbing at Route 66, RCA; Safari World; Ladyboy Show; and Terminal 21.

So on Sunday morning, we woke up bright and early to go to Chatuchak market. From here on known as JJ. Easier to type.

 I am damn gung ho, I tell you. No taxis for me. We took BTS (the skytrain) to Mo chit (if I'm not mistaken). Last station on the line. Google it folks. It takes all of 30 seconds to find the answer.

Mum was quite in awe with Cs and I. Saying stuff such as: how do you know which station to go? How do you know which line etc etc. Hehh thank Google.

Winnie? She follows us around, living up to her reputation of the youngest one in the family. Hahaha. When we went to Taiwan with Cs and his family, it was sooo nice. Our turn to be the youngest in the family. Just followed them around, no need to worry about how to get there, or how much train fare costs, or to pay for breakfast etc etc. I must say, I like it too. A person could get used to this. Hahaha.

In the crowded BTS going to Mo Chit.

It was very hot that day. Typical Bangkok weather. Good actually. Much better than rain. Actually it rained a while when we were ready to leave. Just a light rain but everyone was running to shelter, or buying umbrellas. I didn't care how I looked by then. Cos if you go to JJ market, be prepared to sweat buckets. 

Wear thin, light clothing. And bring an umbrella in case it rains. Try not to bring a bag. Just carry your money, phone, camera in your pockets. So your hands are free to carry all your purchases. :)

I didn't take much photos that day. It was huge and the market was divided into sections. We came across this pets section. Look at that cutie pie being groomed. Soo cute! People were crowding around watching and taking photos.

Little furball. Awww.. I have a feeling the owner did that on purpose. He just kept on cleaning/brushing oblivious to the crowd around him. He probably chose the cute ones to clean right then.

Awww.. look at that fur. Soo cute..

Winnie and I bought a lot of tops from stalls like this. 50 baht. RM 5!! A lot of the stalls are selling tops for 100 baht too. Damn cheap. And yea I bought quite a few. Who cares if quality sucks. Its 50/100 baht only!

I was trying to look out for this coconut ice cream stall. The famous coconut ice cream stall. There were plenty of stalls selling coconut and ice cream, but I wanted this specific one where they serve the ice cream in a coconut shell.

It was crowded. I'm sorry I can't tell you where it is. But you can do like me. Walk around asking various stall owners where is the coconut ice cream stall. Walk in the direction they pointed. After a few wrong tries, try not to be disgruntled, and when you see a tourist eating THE coconut ice cream you're looking for, RUN up to her and ask her where did she buy it???

And that is how you find le shop. Easy eh. Thick skinned is all it takes. Hahaha she was quite happy to point me in the correct direction. 

You get to choose whatever toppings you want. I forgot how much it was. But judging from the crowd, it can't be expensive or bad.

I chose nata de coco with my ice cream. Very nice and refreshing!! Cs had two. Or was it three? Oh yea, they hand free coconut juice to customers too. So nice eh?

Winnie bought two sandals from this shop below for like 100 baht? I don't remember how much. Ahhh damn jealous. So cheap! The shop was full of customers and I had to wait quite long for them to find my size so I have up in the end.

I didn't take much photos from that day. It was too hot and I was too lazy to care.

These were our purchases of the day. Mum and Winnie bought that leopard print bag to store all their shopping. Mad eh?

Hello Nana. We took this photo for you.

After the hardcore shopping, we went to Terminal 21 opposite our hotel for dinner. Pretty much starving by then. If I remember correctly we only had breakfast at the hotel and then coconut ice cream. Oh! So this is why Cs had so much ice cream. Hahah.

If I was starving, he must be dying.

Green curry fried rice is yum. This was at the food court. Love this. If I remember correctly, it was about 40 baht? Tom yum soup filled with seafood was about 55 baht. So worth it lah.

I kinda wanna go back to Bangkok.

Thai oyster omelet a bit fail though. Look at that mess. Does not even look appetizing, right?!

Lighthouse on the ground floor at Terminal 21. I miss Bangkok. Maybe its good that I take so long to write this post cos now I do miss Bangkok.


Anyway. The reason why I have not been updating so much these days: the Voice, Season 3. Hahah..only this time instead of lusting over Adam Levine, I'm leaning towards Blake. He's funny!! And kinda hot.

Btw, does anyone notice that when Astro promotes the Voice, they keep showing Adam?? Are they lusting over him too? For real! Every time the adverts for the Voice comes on, its featuring Adam. You hardly see Ceelo and the others.

Oh well. Anyway. I promise to update more these days.

I finally updated to iOS 6. Yea! Which means, I have the Nuffnangx app. Follow me. Or well, if nobody wants to follow me, its ok. I get a kick out of following myself. Hahah don't care that its pathetic or not.

Bye. Night. Watching reruns of the Voice now btw. =.=

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