Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Of life these days..

So I was reading my older blog posts from when I was still staying at my parents house and from when we just got married. I thought it was a bit different from my routine life these days. Let me explain.

When we just got married, I was quite hardworking. Cooking dinner almost every night, continue working out i.e. treadmill and swimming, or dancing my ass off almost every night or pilates (I try to avoid sitting straight after dinner cos it gives u a tummy), making supper for the hubs and cooking lunch to bring to the office the next day.

Fast forward a year later, I cook dinner hmm..once a week? The other days, I alternate between dinner at my house, dinner tapau-ed from Cs' mum, eating outside, or tapau-ing outside food. HAHA. I *try* to work out 2 times a week. I have not been to the pool since I don't remember when. Must be the last time our friends came over. 

I keep finding excuses to not cook lunch the next day. I settle for simple sandwiches. Two slices of bread with a slice of cheese, or kaya only. Or buy hot dog bun from the deli with a packet of fruits. Or settle for good old maggi in a cup. Life is so much easier but guilty like hell. Heheh.

I hardly cook supper for Cs these days. I leave him to fend for himself. Haha grown man already. If hungry, find your own food. Good motto. So sien have to keep thinking of our next meal, and thinking for two. So yeah. One less thing to worry about.

Sometimes, when I feel guilty and we go grocery shopping and come back with lots of food, I have to force myself to cook during week days. But I am so tired after work already that I get grouchy and bitchy while cooking that dinner is not fun at all.

Or that we have to go run some errands after work, or that we are out of a certain ingredient (right now, I have no white or black pepper at home or oyster sauce or ketchup and yet to stock up), or that its raining too heavily. Or some other excuse. 

Sometimes we forget about the food at home till it has expired. This happens so often that we are quite used to checking all expiry dates before eating. Damn.

Its just that sometimes its so much easier to eat a simple meal outside for less than RM 10 for two of us than trying to cook at home, where a somewhat healthy meal would cost much more, and take about an hour to prepare. So yeah.

Anyway! One fine night, I made this for Cs at 11pm, on a week day while waiting for him to come home from badminton. I was bored out of my mind with nothing to do. While making this, I was sort of marvelling at how foreign it seems already. Has it been so long since I made him something to eat at night??

It was just scrambled eggs and a cheese hot dog on toasted bread. Worse thing was about 30 mins after I finished making this, he called to tell me he was going to supper with the guys. Ohh okay, I didn't tell him I made this though. Cos its been so long since I made supper, he didn't expect this too.

This is exactly why I don't want to cook these days. Something unexpected always turns up. When I get ready the ingredients, something always happens that makes us go, oh no, we have to go do this and that. 

I read something along these lines before: always expect the unexpected.

Yeah right! How you gonna do that eh?

Anyway. He did finish that supper I made him though. Turned out the food outside was so terrible that he still came home hungry. All is well in the end. :)

And this is a vain shot taken in the car on the way to a wedding dinner. Love my falsies. I bought two boxes in Taiwan. I have tried several false lashes brands before but so far the best were these bought in Taiwan. Easiest to put on by far! Dolly Wink my ass. Damn hard to put on. Damn pricey some more. Not nice. I think lah. Don't know about you.

New running shoes.

I am trying to work out more. Get fit again! know that feeling when you haven't exercised in a long time, and then when you start running, you get that itchy feeling in your legs and your start scratching your legs and they turn red?


That never happened before when I was staying at my parents home. I was so disciplined before. But when I moved out and only got a treadmill few months back, I slacked off. 

It was also because when we reach home, there are things to do: cook dinner, vacuum the floors, fold the clothes, iron the clothes, take out the thrash, cook lunch and so on and so forth that I don't wanna work out anymore! Its 9pm and I'm tired! I wanna rest! 

So yeah. But I hate that feeling! Every time I step on the treadmill and that itchy feeling comes on, I wanna cut off my own feet. Good God! I gotta exercise more. I just did btw. Ran an hour just now, and 45 mins yesterday. No itchy feeling today. :) /proud of myself.

I resolve to run another hour tomorrow night. 

Btw, I also made a stir fry vegetables tonight for dinner. And got ready chicken soup for dinner tomorrow. I don't know what I'm talking about. I do cook and exercise what! Zzzz...

Moving on.

Poor baby had to go to the General Hospital  (GH) on Monday to go for an eye check up. Let me give you the background story first. So about a month ago, Cs got hit in the eye by a shuttle cock. No shit! The next day it bruised blue green on his eye lids. And only then did I realize how hard he got hit right on the eye!!

A few weeks later, he started seeing shadows by the side of his right eye. Apparently a dark shadow would appear suddenly. WTF!!! When he mentioned this to me, I was all: go see a doctor!! Go see a doctor straightaway!! 

So here we are. You know the most ironic thing of all? The guy who hit Cs with the shuttle cock? You are looking at him! The guy in the photo checking Cs out. Dr. Lo! Hahahahah ironic much. They are badminton buddies!! They met playing badminton years ago.

Simon aka Dr. Lo is an eye doctor at GH. When Cs told Simon that he stared seeing shadows, he asked if he noticed that it happened more frequently or that it was getting bigger. Cs said yes! To which, Simon asked him to drop by for a check up. Haih.

Luckily Simon found nothing at all. Nothing wrong whatsoever. Weird. But Simon said that it could be delayed (hope not) reaction or what not, and to go back in case it still continues. So yeah..

Scared the hell out of me. Hope it turns out to be nothing!

What else?

 I like these two colours. Pastels. Nicee..Winnie and I got the same colors though at different shops in Taiwan. Heh. She got hers first but I didn't want to shop at that place. At another shop, I bought the exact same colors for cheaper (me thinks).

Btw, I'm kinda in love with my accessories haul from Taiwan. I should post a photo of them. Soon soon.

And that's enough updates for now.


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