Monday, 10 September 2012

Taiwan update

It feels like I have been here for so long but in reality it has only been 3 days. Or 2 since I arrived at midnight.

Today was water park day at Famosa something something water park at Bali. The county or something, not the country.

I came back 50 shades darker! Muahahah anyone read that book? S&M, bondage, spanking and wayy too much sex and fake orgasms (ana cant orgasm that easily can she?) later, the book is finished.. Sorry, books are finished!

There are 3 books in total. It was ok. I wanted to know what happened next so I finished reading. It was ok. Different at least. Very in detailed explanation, which is erm, good.

Back topic!!

I came back about two shades darker. It was a long day out, quite tiring but still fun. Too hot though.

I miss Cs..I asked him does he miss me or not? Why is he so quiet? Why no proof? I'm sorry but I'm the type that needs proof.

In reply, he said: I smelled ur pants to sleep last night.

I burst out laughing cos it was so ridiculous yet sweet and also made me believe him straightaway.

The night before, he hugged my pillow to sleep since I was one to hug.

I miss u baby.


Photo taken at water park today!

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