Tuesday, 4 September 2012

First Anniversary Letter to Cs

Dear Mr Ngen,

It is our first year anniversary today. OK technically it was 3 Sept (Mon), but I didn't have time to sit down and write this letter. 

Can you believe it has been one year already? 

We still joke and laugh together. We still talk about everything. We still sit in the car and don't turn on the radio/CD just because we can sit together in silence, or serenade each other with made up lyrics, or just talk, and joke and laugh some more.

I love that I married my best friend.

For our anniversary, we said we would celebrate on Sunday. Ended up, we just went about on our normal Sunday routine. Go to Spring, have late lunch. We chose Kluang Station (bad choice) and by the time we finished lunch it was 3pm. By dinner time, neither of us felt hungry, so we had no anniversary dinner!!

HAHA..only we would be so stupid. Typical us.

I dragged you to watch Katy Perry: A part of me, that night. Good choice. Good movie. Xie bee for watching it with me. You didn't even know what movie it was. You just said: didn't you want to watch a movie that day? What movie is it? Lets go now. So we did. Only when I showed you the trailer did you realize what you were in for. :)

Love u for that. You just let me do whatever I want. 

Has it really been only a year? Sometimes it feels so long. It feels like we have been together for so long, just because we know each other so well already. We met in college and remained good friends, but only got together years later. Which is why we have no secrets. Nothing to hide.

The other day, you turned to me and said it feels like no difference being married for a year compared to when we were still dating. I agreed. It feels the same. Only know I have to listen to your snores. :X

Thank you for being patient with me when I'm tired and cranky. Thank you for driving out and pulling me back after I run out of the house during our fight. Thank you for being patient with me.

Maybe sometimes I forget to thank you, but I do appreciate whatever you do.

Thank you for cleaning the toilets, doing the laundry and folding the clothes.

 Thank you for helping me cook dinner when you know I'm tired/in a bitchy mood. 

Thank you for my treadmill.

Thank you for always trying to give me everything. 

Thank you for always putting me first. After badminton of course. Hahha kidding kidding.

I like that you tell me to wake you up at night if I have a nightmare. I love that you chase every lizard out of my sight. Even when we were friends. I especially love that you kiss me in bed before you go out of the house in the morning.

Most of all, thank you for being you.


Some photos of our year together. The first of many, many more to come. 

You can read about our wedding here, and here. Jerrick's photo shoot photos here, Hollywood bridal here, and from Doris here.

Our very highly anticipated honeymoon in Phuket and Hong Kong. It was awesome. Blogged about it before too here, here and here.

I'm going to Taipei this week with my mum and sister. I complain about how hot it is still in Taipei, but I think the reason why I'm not so looking forward to this trip yet, is mainly because you're not going to be there with me.

Who's going to hold the umbrella this time? 

Taiwan posts are here, here and here.

Maybe I won't bring an umbrella. Bad idea Amy. Typhoon warnings all over Taiwan the past few weeks. Fingers crossed!

Back to topic. I'll miss you..

Oh wait back to anniversary topic.

I look forward to your snores for many, many years to come.


Love you. We are made for each other. 

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