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03.09.2011 - Morning session part 1

Edit: Just resized the photos to make them a bit bigger, and reposted again

Disclaimer: OK. It took me so long to write this entry down that I kept wanting to stop halfway. Some more I didn't have my own laptop. So I wrote down some parts the night after, and the rest over the next few days. So, it might get a bit confusing at times. But I'm too lazy to read through and correct it now.


I initially wanted to record down every little detail, from what time I woke up to what I ate the whole day. Just like how I (together with cs) planned the whole wedding day and night itself..from what song to use for our wedding entrance video to what time we should go out to change etc.

Start with a photo of me first..

But if I learnt anything from the day itself, it is that things don't go according to plan. The best piece of advice really is: things might not go according to plan, but don't stress. It is your big day after all. Relax. Smile..

So I did. I smiled. I laughed. I posed. I enjoyed myself. I don't even remember what song I walked in to for the second entrance. We planned for Barbara Streistrand's I finally found someone. But due to a mix up, things didn't go according to plan and I was so nervous then that I had no idea what song was playing.

The first walk in (entrance) was was dark. The lights slowly started to come on only when we almost reached the front of the VIP table. But for the second entrance, they purposely left the lights on, I think to scare the hell out of me. Ha!

♥ the dress!

I was hidden upstairs in the hotel room while guests started arriving and one moment I was still blogging all fine and calm, when suddenly an attack of nerves would come on so strong that I actually start shaking and feel so sick that I have to scold myself, take deep breaths (didn't help) and tell myself to calm the fuck down!

By the time cs came to bring me down to the hall, all the guests have arrived. At 715pm. Very punctual people! Nice! As only a bunch of my relatives and close friends were left outside the hall, I was still smiling happily, laughing, joking. All fine and dandy.

During the walk in, I was still fine too by the way cos it was dark. Spotlights on, smoke effect and I can hardly see the walkway in front of me. Cameras in my face mehh..I'm used to it by now.

Only as I walked up the stage, and the lights started to go on, did i go WOW! Shit!! That's a lot of people!! Holy fuck!! And I start trembling and holding onto cs! I don’t suppose anyone can tell though cos I kept a smile on my face the entire time.

Somehow figures on the paper remain as figures. Of course I knew exactly how many guests were going to be there. Who are going to be present that night, and where they are going to be sitting. But to have that translated into person. In my face. In one hall. All eyes focused on me and cs.

The magnitude of that is such that you only have to experience yourself to understand. (Note to all other future brides: Have an alcoholic drink to calm the nerves beforehandI wanted to but all the alcohol was downstairs. It was too late to sneak downstairs in my wedding gown haha. My dress is a dead giveaway)

All our time and energy for the past year have been focused on this one night. All our planning and hard work. I'm glad to say that it was all worth it! I'm glad that last night was, in a word: awesome! GREAT fun!

Time passed by soo quickly. I'm referring to last night. From the moment I reached the hotel room, it was about 630 pm. Then between replying comments on Facebook, blog and panic attacks, it was 730 pm, then the first course, the soup, and time to change.

Before you know it, it was time to come back in for another entrance. Then the yam seng, walking around to say hi, eat some food, drink some alcohol, and say hi some more. That's it? Thank the guests. The night is gone! Great, I can finally drink and enjoy myself. Nicee..


But let’s start at the beginning again. I still want to leave a record somewhere. A memory of that whole day and night.

So we begin! Probably my longest entry ever..

I probably mentioned this before already, but let me say it again (to be precise cheh). On Friday night, I went with cs to wash the car and send it off to the bridal shop for them to decorate it, and also to collect my gowns, and his tux. Then we rushed the car home before it could rain on us. Went to cs’ place to change to the other car and went back to my place so we could go with my parents to pay respects to my late grandfather and uncle.

Once done, we rushed off to Riverside to get ready for the rehearsal. By the time we’re done with that, we went back home to finish off some last minute details. For me, it includes finishing my packing, and informing Winnie and mum on what they have to do, and help me bring the luggage and CDs to the hotel the next day.

It was also time for a last facial mask – not just me. I arrived home to see my dad lying down on the sofa with a white face mask on his face, and mum walking around with a mask on her face too. Cannot be outdone – I went to put one on as well. :)

By about 930 pm, the whole family was in bed. I only fell asleep by 1030 pm only to wake up at 130am panicking. I don’t know why – I just bolted awake in bed. And lay in bed tossing and turning till 3am, when I gave up and went downstairs. My alarm was set at 330 am anyway. Pointless to go back to sleep by then.

Jerrick (brother-in-law is one of the photographer) and the videographer arrived at 4am on the dot. Then the make up artist arrived.

As Anna was working on me, Jerrick and the videographer continued to take photos of practically everything: my shoes, my gown, the food, the deco this and that.. Dad came down shortly, and then Winnie, and mum was last to wake.

While Anna was still doing my hair, the bridesmaids arrived one by one. First to arrive was Wee Lee. Time really does pass by very quickly. The house filled up very quickly..

All the girls looking pretty and sweet..

Btw, most of the photos in this post were taken by Kevin. I have not seen the official photos from Jerrick or Paul. But I couldn't wait lah. By the time I see their photos, I would have forgotten most things already from the day itself..

After all the bridesmaids have arrived, next to come were the VA/Planet group: Rita, Kah Ling, Kah Yee, Janet, Emily, and Angela..

♥ this photo cos everyone is so happy. Smiling widely. Anna had just finished make up on me and they all arrived just in time..

My grandma is crying..whereas I'm err..smiling. Not very tactful Amy. I should have teared too. T__T

My grandma came with my aunties, uncles and cousins. The house is almost full now. Tick tock tick tock. Hugs and kisses all around, and many congratulations later, it is almost 7am.. We're just waiting for cs' phone call to come over.

Proud daddy. Dad looks so proper in most of the photos, with his hands behind his back..

Proud parents. ♥

Before you know it, Cs called to say that he is coming to fetch me now..The house was so noisy by then, and I was afraid that no one would hear the men arrive.. So, I suppose it is a good thing that they use the horns from far away. Sound the drums!

The atmosphere of excitement in the house then is almost contagious. Everyone was all smiles, talking loudly, and busy taking photos.

As my bridesmaids are waiting outside at the car park, my brother, friends, relatives all gathered in the small living room, by the window to watch the show outside.

I hear many screams of laughter, and it’s a good thing that people are keeping up a running commentary for me.

I heard, before I saw that Alvin (the driver) was wearing a red hat, and that my Prince was in an all white suit..very dashing if I may say so. Haha.

Mum and Cherrie kept me company..cute Cherrie. She was so grumpy the whole day cos we can't let her run around. She is still very hyper - jumping around, sniffing at people, barking when ignored, and sometimes when she gets too excited, she pees. Even if someone is holding her. =.= Yea, serious. So that's why Cherrie is with Eli in the kitchen most of the time, grumpy.

I wrote this on my phone as I sat waiting in the room..

“Listening to the screams of laughter makes my heart beat faster and faster.. So this is what it feels to be a modern day bride. I'm all dressed up waiting in the room as my bridesmaids, and relatives join in the fun and games.

Their hour is nearly up..

My groom is coming..”

Mum and Cherrie kept me company for a while, and I spent the rest of the waiting time taking photos.

I was so curious of what could be happening outside the house. Had to restrain myself - to not go to peek outside the window. In case cs caught a glimpse of me. Sigh. Oh well.

Here are some photos of the men outside the house:

Frankie's face looks too funny here. Cannot not post this up! :) SL is the only bridesmaid dressed differently because she is pregnant - congrats! :)

I heard that ah ping almost threw up at one point after kissing CH! I think the kolien (poor) guy here is CH more than ah ping! Lol.

Alvin and John showing us how its done!

Group photo!! They were outside the house for about an hour. It felt so long. Dad was more impatient than me though. I was in the air con room - no prob. Time passed by really fast for me. Busy taking photos with my relatives, playing with Cherrie (this is a bit difficult cos she kept trying to lick my face or my pull on my hair), and Facebooking. Yah still sempat.

Winnie wrote down a contract for cs to sign. I don't remember exactly but I think it went something along these lines: I will promise to love Amy and only Amy for the rest of my life, I will let her go online at night for as long as she wants, I will make her a cup of coffee for her in the morning, and massage her shoulders for 10 minutes every day after work, I will take out the rubbish, wash the toilets, and do the laundry..

So here he is shouting it out out to me. I heard him loud and clear! The funny part was my dad actually shouted back at him: are you sure??

But I felt touched at that moment when I heard his voice. Despite knowing full well that it was Winnie who wrote it out and forced cs to read it out in front of everyone, I still felt touched. I guess it was the whole atmosphere. How he had to go through all those obstacles in front of everyone. And with everyone listening to him.. I almost teared. =.=

Now that I am staying with him, I can verify something: he does do the laundry, wash the toilets and take out the garbage willingly. :) Me, I cook for him, wash the dishes, and I fold the clothes. Doing the laundry just means putting the dirty clothes inside the washing machine. Haha!

Chi mui's hard at work..

Winnie's hard work..She planned all the games, and went to buy all the necessary stuff. Thanks sista!!

The final task was to have them sing Minnie Riperton's Loving you. Not easy. According to Winnie, (she was huffing): have you ever heard Loving you like this? Don't even know what song were they singing to then. Didn't sound anything like Loving you except for the screaming part of the chorus.

I heard it already. It was funny..I'll upload the video next time when I get it. :)

And finally they are allowed to enter the house!!

Jerrick wasn’t the only photographer that day. He engaged a helper, Paul, to help throughout the day and night. Kevin (on dad’s orders) was busy taking photos too with a DSLR, but I noticed he stopped after the morning session at home. Didn’t even take photos of us at the church and at night. The other photographer was Alan, but him, I think he did it willingly. Hahaha.

So yea, I don’t suppose there is any way you could get used to lots of cameras in your face..

It’s the one day that every pair of eyes and camera is trained on you, and everybody wants to stare at you, talk to you, congratulate and compliment you. In the morning, paiseh man! How to smile? I even tried to not look at the camera (sorry Jerrick – cos no make up on yet and I was still in my night gown). /shy

By noon, I’m more used to it by then. Relaxed and able to take compliments well. Smile, say thank you, pull up my cleavage in public (Kidding!), and pose for the camera.

Happy couple laughing too hard. I felt a bit weak in the knees to have everyone staring..

Loving shot as instructed by someone, forgot who by now. In fact, I forgot alot of other things too. Too nervous and ended up I remember nothing. Luckily we have photos and videos to serve as memories. Btw, we forgot to take photos after the wedding reception at night.

There were no obligatory photos with my family, friends, relatives, nada! T____________T Tell me why!! How can I forget this?! Everyone forgot! Cs forgot. My parents forgot. My dad was drunk already by then. And we were all so relieved that it was over, that everyone was drinking, laughing and dancing. In the hall itself, we forgot to take photos! T____T

I didn't get to eat anything. One thing I remember was, everyone was trying to get me to eat something. My mum, my aunties, my mum's friends, my own friends, everyone. My mum and relatives even opened a bottle of chicken essence for me in the morning. Scared I faint?!

Next up is the tea ceremony at my place first.

Not a very artistic looking photo. Oh well.

Tea ceremony in Malaysia basically means the bride and groom serve tea to their elders, and receive angpau’s (red packets) and jewellery in return. Some people kneel and some don’t. It depends on different households, I guess. First up are my parents, then grandma and aunties and uncles.

Nobody cried, nobody teared. The whole affair was over pretty quickly. I think my dad and uncle Ihsan (below) told Cs to treat me well...basically just gave wise words and threatened to cut off his balls if he did anything wrong! Haha joke.

Receiving red packets and jewellery. Thank you to all!! :)

Nice photo with my parents. Dad looks like he's beaming. Good thing we have a family photo at home anyway. Phew.

Forgot what we were all laughing at..but I love this photo cos its more natural. Not so pose-y posey. Don't care if posey is a word or not. I like it.

Once done, we settled for some group photos and were off to cs’ house for the tea ceremony.
One with the relatives who flew in from Sydney! :) Thanks for coming all the way all of u!

One with mum's very close friends, and our very good drinking buddies!

One with all the heng dai's and chi mui's. Group photo before we leave the house. We were going back to cs' place for the tea ceremony.

One with Jerrick, brother of the groom. Everyone is so proper here..not used to it lah. :D Haha..

Cs’ family chose to have the tea ceremony at our new place, instead of his parents home. So, that is where we were all headed. The usual tea ceremony done with, we had time to rest for a while, take more photos and then we went to Riverside for the church ceremony.

There were a few reasons why we chose to have the church ceremony at Riverside Majestic (the hotel) instead of at the church itself. I have to answer this because I know a lot of people want to know. Many people have asked me this and here is your answer.

First off, Cs’ family members are Methodists, not Catholics. So this answers your “why not St Joseph church?” questions. Next, I have quite a number of Malay relatives, and we were quite concerned about how they would feel being in a church. Even though I know technically it is considered a blessing ceremony, but why make people feel even the slightest bit uncomfortable if you could help it.

We were also worried that friends and relatives who have not been in Kuching for a while could have trouble looking for the church. Actually it is not hard to find, but its better not to complicate things.

It was also easier to hold the ceremony at the hotel, because we are using the same ballroom, and hence, the same decorations. Less trouble for the florists, less tiring for cs and I because we get to stay in the hotel till at night. Less hassle to find a restaurant to go to after the church ceremony, as we chose to have the buffet lunch in the ballroom itself too.

BTW!! Our car plate number came out on the day itself! On Saturday 03.09.11! I don't know if its Toto or Magnum or what cos I don't buy and don't keep track. But we have people coming up to us at night exclaiming: aiyahhh I didn't buy. I bought the other car's number!

However, two of our lucky friends won! 1888. Lihai! I didn't even think of it. Forgot to buy. Btw, we forgot to put an announcement in the newspaper too. haha bloody lihai la both of us.

I have to stop here now because Kevin didn't take any more photos from this point on. Other photos are from my phone (blur) and other friends camera, which I saved from Facebook but its kinda small so I shall wait patiently for Jerrick and Paul. :)

Continue next time..


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