Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Mi vs Food

I like Camera 360. Awesome stuff. It seems to combine a lot of apps into one. They have different scenes for you to take photos, and lots of effects. I should have taken more photos using that app to prove my point. Next time, next time! Anyway, download if you can. It is good!

This photo below is using Camera 360. I know its not so clear but honestly this is my boring old living room, transformed into color!! Bright colors that makes my tv looks well, interesting. Or so I like to think.

This was from a Friday night out at Manhattan Fish Market! Oh man so sinful. We ordered way too much food. And it was all either fried, fried, or fried. Wonderful.

You are looking at cheesy fries, and deep fried mushrooms. Look at those cheese!!! Damn rich and sinful but oh so good! Fried mushrooms were a bit mehh. According to Nancy, they were much better the last time she came. I hope so for their sake, because these mushrooms were hard and kinda tasteless.
 This was our flaming seafood platter. Deep fried fish and chips, fried prawns and then baked with cheese on top, deep fried calamari, and deep fried oysters. And broccoli and carrots. Oh yes and rice below all that fried food.
 It was good no doubt. But a bit of overdose. Too much fried food for one night. And too much cream. But that's just me. :) 

This was from Camera 360 too. I barely had on make up. And no lipstick. The red on my lips are from the camera effect. Never mind that my eyes look a bit weird.

I am kinda abusing Camera 360 these days. Hehh oh well. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! 
I bought those tights from Taiwan, I think. I bought quite a few pairs from both HK and Taiwan, and have been waiting forever to wear them. :)

This is the soft light effect from Camera 360. That was minimal make up and bad hair day. But look at the effect. Ahh I should have posted a before and after photo. Next time! Let me be happy today! :D

 I told you I'm abusing Camera 360. Leave me alone. La la la la la...I can't hear you.

Back to food. Mum made these awesome bread sushi thingy below. She learned it from tv. Its nice!! I have to get that recipe from her! Bread, seaweed, sesame seeds, ham/hot dogs, and voila! Perfection!
I tried to arrange the food ala Asian Food Channel but failed miserably. Hahha I keep watching AFC, you would have thought that I learned something by now. But noooo...I have so sense of art, as usual.

Btw, I am still watching E&O's search for AFC's next Celebrity Chef again. The one where Dino won. This Thursday is final episode! Watch it!!! 

 The parents also made kong pia on Sunday!
Actually the parents went on a crazy cooking spree. On Sunday night, we had:

1) Kong pia, which are actually minced pork and pork fat fried with shallots and garlic

2) Bread-sushi above

3) Fried crabs with eggs and I don't know what (dad always cook crabs when we go over for dinner because we can help finish it - it is why I never eat crabs outside if I can help it. I have enough at home. hahha)

4) Steamed fish. It ish good!! How to say xue yu in English?

5) Spinach (finally!! vege!!)

6) Pasta with bacon and cheese. Winnie was in charge of the cheese. Bad idea. Need I say more?

7) Chicken - mum was trying to replicate the fried chicken like shih lin night market. She passed! Tastes great!

8) Bamboo clams cooked with curry.

9) Lemang. Google it if you must.

I know right!! What was dad thinking??? There are five of us in the family plus Cs. Oh and Eli too, I suppose. And Cherrie although she has her own special little meal.

But, when we laid all the dishes on the table, it reminded me of reunion dinner!! =.=

And NO, we don't always eat like this. In fact, we try to eat more vege and less rich food during weekdays. Definitely nothing like this. Yea.

Love this photo below! Cherrie is the boss of dad.

I feel like such a housewife. Hahha I have to stop thinking like that. I would like to think that I am a normal working adult now. On weekdays, what else is there to do?

After dinner, either tapau, eat outside, or cook ourselves, and then exercise, if I still have the energy after cleaning up, then settle in front of the tv before I drift off to sleep.

I even wrote down all the shows I want to watch for weekdays on Astro.

On Mondays - Amazing Race, and 101 ways to leave a game show! (Crazzzzyyyy show!! Watch it!! Siao one!! But so entertaining!!! They drop people from 100 feet into icy cold water to win 50 k. And that is considered tame I think.Oooohh and Pawn Stars!

Tuesdays - Man vs Food! Love that show!

Wed: The Voice!! 

Thurs: Stanley!! Oh sorry, I mean E&O's Next Celebrity Chef!

Fri: I forgot by memory. But I wrote it down on my white board. :)

OK bye!

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