Monday, 2 April 2012

A lot of food talk!

Some recent photos from my phone again. I have been so busy these days...lazing around in my room watching tv! Haha its the next best thing since...the cordless vacuum we bought!! I'm not kidding. The cordless vacuum is amazing! Because of the vacuum, our house is so much cleaner. 

I usually sweep and mop once a week. But now that we have the vacuum, we both just pick up the vacuum almost every day to vacuum up the dust wherever we see it, wherever we go. Awesome! So convenient. It doesn't feel like we're doing housework at all.

It looks like this:

It is not very heavy - still ok for me to carry up and down the stairs. It is soo much easier to vacuum the stairs now. The only downside to this thing is the batteries! Because it is cordless, it runs out of battery by about 20 minutes tops. I can't manage to finish cleaning the whole house in that time.

So, I have worked out a system by vacuuming the first floor and stairs first, then watch some tv, wipe the tables, hang out the clothes, while leaving the vacuum to recharge. Then vacuum upstairs again. 

OK lah still damn worth it. 


Now that we have a tv in our bedroom, I snack less. We don't eat upstairs and I can't be bothered to walk all the way downstairs to snack. So its good! :)

Speaking of this, Cs and I recently went for a blood test. So far so good. I have no problems so far. Touch on wood.. Guess my eating habits and exercise routine worked out well for me..

Cs, on the other hand has high cholesterol. Wtf rite? Everyone is surprised when they hear this! Including him and me. The super picky eater apparently needs to eat less meat, and more vegetables. He is watching his food intake now, trying to eat more healthy food. I told him to just eat whatever I'm eating, which is more vegetables and less meat.

I like steamed fish, broccoli, bell peppers, spinach, carrots, cucumber, tuna. Saliva doesn't pool in my mouth when I think of KFC's fried chicken. I never order pork unless someone orders then I eat it. I never ask to eat chicken rice or bak kut teh. But then I also don't voluntarily eat tofu or taugeh! There is something wrong with me. Hahahaa I am just as picky but in a healthier way (or so I like to think!)

I have actually succeeded in eating vegetables and fish only for a period of time when my ex was a vegetarian. When my parents found out, they tried to make me eat meat. Something about lack of hormones. Oh well.

Anyway, in light of the high cholesterol, we are both trying to eat more healthy stuff now. A few nights ago, I tried to make the "steamed rice with vegetables" in a pot. Always wanted to try to make this.

 I mean I cooked rice and added in a can of tuna in olive oil. Dumped the whole thing in, oil and all. It says extra virgin olive oil so I suppose its healthy.

 Then I chopped up my leftover vegetables. In this case, it was cucumber and carrots. I steamed the carrots beforehand and cut them up into cubes and threw it into the the rice cooker. 

Mix it up and add soy sauce and pepper. I also added 2 cloves of garlic (cubed), and some oyster sauce. What else? That's all I think. Mix them all together and voila. Dinner. Simple and tastes good!


This was from Saturday night. We can drink alcohol on weekends still what! Liver working fine! Hahhaa as long as we don't overdo eh?

This was at Porkie's. They have quite an impressing range of beer. Mmmm only thing is that they are pricey still. For happy hour, Corona and Foster's still cost RM 16. Boo sama dia! But I miss yeww so much! I saw at Choice Daily Corona costs RM 12 (I think).

Hot air balloon necklace. Me likey! 

This was one fine night when I stayed over at my parents house. Winnie and I stayed up till 3+ am chatting and drinking. 

We raided dad's cellar (with his permission) and had this! Fruit and spice, me likey. It is so smooth with water. 

We had a few glasses of Macallan to start with and changed to beer next. Beer cos it makes us sleep. We had to wake up early the next morning so we were drinking to make us sleepy. But before we knew it, we finished 4 cans each and it was 3 am. Sheett..what happened to waking up early??!

Little fatty. The fat spoilt princess in Cs' arms.

This was one of my healthy fried noodles with broccoli, carrots and eggs. I used spaghetti or angel hair. Very easy to make actually.

Boil the pasta beforehand and drain. Throw in the broccoli and carrots with the pasta while its boiling. Fry the garlic, broccoli, carrots, then throw in the noodles. Add in pepper, light and dark soy sauce, oyster sauce. And err what else? Beat in the egg last. I used one egg. If want more, add more. That's it. I'm not being very informative, am I? 

Heheh..I keep thinking everything is so obvious but maybe its cos I am malas. Boo sama saya.

This was from Ching Ming festival. A lot of food this year. Don't know why. Ask dad. 

I also made pistachio cookies. Finally. It doesn't taste exactly like how I want it to. I know the photo above looks like shit but I used Camera 360 and added color but it turned out blah. Those white stuff are white chocolate sauce, and the top are chopped pistachios. 

It actually tastes ok lah but I gotta try some more to get it just right

That's all for tonight. I just realized that I blabbed a lot about food. 

Time for bed! Night!

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