Friday, 13 April 2012

Inspired by the Pioneer Woman

One blog that I always read these days is The Pioneer Woman. She cooks, she lives on a Texan ranch, she has four kids, a husband, and a Food Network show. Pretty much awesome. And her blog is funny! She blogs regularly and I have read through a lot of her archives already! :X

Today, Ree blogged about using Non sequitur phrases. Feel free to read and all the comments too. Its very entertaining: click.

Here's mine today:

It’s Friday evening and my head hurts when I turn my head to the left or when I roll my eyes to the left what is wrong with me? I have to call the dentist cos PW just reminded me that my teeth hurts when I brush them and should I go out with the guys tonight? I have to fold the laundry and when am I going to drop off mum’s red wine, which reminds me I have to remind Cs to buy them red wine boxes! I need to vacuum the top floor and mop the whole house and what should I get Cs for his birthday? I need to find time to email that person about our upcoming trip and I also need to remove my nail polish- they are scaring me and everyone else. Did we close the upstairs window before we left the house this morning, and where are we going tonight? Between deciding where to go tonight and whether or not to nap later when I get home, I have to find some time to squeeze in some exercise today, one way or another!


I am aware that I have a relatively easier and much less hectic life compared to a lot of people. Heh that is why I know we are right by not having kids now! Unless an accident happens, then oh well, and remind me to delete this sometime before my future kids learn to use the Internet.

Have a good weekend everyone! :)

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