Saturday, 14 April 2012

In transition

I have been watching a lot of "The Voice" on AXN. It is a singing show kinda like X Factor or America's Next Idol, something like that only this is just singing. Love the contestants, the performances, the songs and the judges. There are four judges: Adam Levine, Cee lo, Christina Aguilera, and another guy whose name I forgot. Sorry paiseh. His wife is Miranda Lambert the country singer.

Anyway. Watching this show led to two things:

1) I feel like singing too. When I told Winnie, she was like: who are you and what have you done to my sister??!!

2) Lusting on, err....I mean watching Adam Levine. Better known as the lead singer of Maroon 5.


Ok lah fine fine! Fuck pretences! I wrote that introduction above just to make it sound as if I am not really lusting over Adam hahha.

Or maybe its cos of the tattoos on his arms only. I mean in his Moves Like Jagger video. In that particular video, he happened to be topless (happy coincidence!). But actually his body not that hot, just his arms.. those tattoos attracted me. Don't know why but I like built arms particularly if they are tattooed.Mmm..

There are plenty of photos of him once you start to Google so I'm not posting his photo up here. :)


Anyway, these drinks were Buy 1 Free 1 cocktails at Havana on Tuesday night. Very nice!

Pina colada above and lychee martini below.

Both quite strong. Definitely got kick!

OK Bye!

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