Monday, 30 April 2012

Woe is me..

I spent so much money on my health this year. It is only May 1st and I don't know how many times I have gone to the Doctor already! 

Two weeks back I was sick again, and went to a Doctor, who gave me not so strong medications. I know my body well. My tonsils are the cause of most of the problems. Once I have sore throat, then my tonsils get inflamed and then fever, cough, nausea and bring on all the other sheet. Hate it!

But when I explain to the Doctor, he doesn't seem to take me seriously. So I was not fully well. Now two weeks later, I'm sick again. Went to another different Doctor, who gave me two shots. Whaii..

One shot in my ass, and the other as shown in the photo above. This was from earlier today. After this, I'm feeling much better already! Thank God.

I have so many needles in me this year. Even though the needles do me good, it seems like my arm have barely healed, and another needle is in again. Sigh.

Hepatitis A+B, cervix cancer jab, blood tests and visits to the Doc. Fook this sheet. And you need to get three shots for the Hepatitis and cervix cancer jabs each, which means I am due for another shot next week, and two more in the following months. Painful leh!

I also apparently sprained my right arm last week. I have no idea how it happened. My arm was already hurting sometimes, occasionally but nothing so serious yet. But on Monday morning, I just couldn't lift my arm up without crying out in pain. But I still went to work. Stooopid.

Whaii do I always get sick or got troubles on Monday? I don't blame other people for not believing that I'm sick or sprained my arm lo. Too much of a coincidence that I am always away on Monday.

Anyway about the fucking arm, in one week, I went to three different people/places to fix it. Now its almost back to normal. Supposedly sprained it in three places. Hurts like hell. No idea how it happened but I should not carry heavy things or do strenuous exercise.

Yay for me. Nay for Cs. Hahah. Got excuse to not do house work or cook at all. 

OK lah depressing topic of the day.

Ending here.

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