Sunday, 22 April 2012

My weekend and Sinar Serapi

 My Saturday was spent sleeping till 330pm. :X So late I know. This is the latest I have slept since...this year. And last year too probably. :X In my defense, I slept at 330am the night before. I was out with Winnie, and that woman always manages to keep me up till 2-3am every time! Hahah.

At about 5pm, we went to Sinar Serapi Eco Theme Park at Matang area. They have kayak facilities, steamboat, karaoke at night etc. It was OK lah..can try it once.


Kayak was RM 20 for 1 hour, and the paddle boat was RM 30 (for half hour or one hour, I don't remember). 

Cs and I didn't play anything because he somehow injured his arm. Our best guess is that it was an old badminton injury that came back while he was doing some chores or another. And I was malas. Just felt like lazing around doing nothing. So we sat there ordering food and drinks while watching the others play. :)

The food was ok priced..not too expensive or cheap. My fries was lousy..soggy and oily. Yuck. Cs' chicken wings were good but costs freaking RM 8 for 2. 

The fried bee hoon was really good (I tried); most of us ordered that for dinner (RM 6, me thinks). 

The sandwich costs RM 9 and it came with bacon/ham, eggs, cheese, tomato, lettuce and a side order of fries. Big helping. That was worth it. Alvin ordered the sandwich and I didn't eat so I don't know nice or not. But they all said it was damn worth it lah. Hahha..

The bar ?

They sell alcohol too. Beer for RM 6, and about RM 20+. They have karaoke session at night where people request songs and go up to sing onstage in front of everyone else. A lot of Malay we left soon after that. No lah, we were also tired after that. Yea, sitting around the whole evening doing nothing except eating is tiring.


My hair is getting longer!! A bit dilemma actually. Should I cut it again? When I was in KL, one of the stylists told me: you only cut it once! Try more. Go for different styles/cuts etc. If not no fun if you go back to your old hair so fast. =.= He has a point. 

But I so hate the feeling of my hair at the back of my neck when I sweat. I use the treadmill often and I hate that when I sweat alot, I can't tie it all behind me like I did before. And my hair sticks out all over the place. When I don't blow dry properly, it is a mess. Sounds like I already made up my mind. =.=

But if I am in KL now, I just might let that guy cut my hair for me again. Cos he sounds damn pro. Heh.

My shoes damn cute. <3 them. :)

This photo of Winnie was taken at T1. So long since we went in there. We went in to use the toilet and get free drinks only. Friday night ladies! Guys pay RM 25. :X Whaii so expensive!! 

I always take photos in the toilet not because I'm bored at work or that I'm trying to escape for a'm actually just showing Cs what the girls toilet look like. Hehh

I was trying to finish the leftover food in the fridge, namely cabbage and carrots. So I made this steamed rice in a pot thingy again. With tuna. Tastes good really even though it doesn't look good!

We finished it all. :) And apparently I have yet to estimate it properly. I cooked too little rice and the husband got hungry very soon after. But also maybe cos I didn't put meat inside. 

The leftover cabbage and carrots were also used for my coleslaw for lunch the next day. I added in raisins for some sweetness. Yum! Love raisins in coleslaw and in rice, like at Sugar Bun. Nice..

Today, I feel particularly productive compared to my Saturday. I woke up at 10am (shocker!!!) and went for a facial at 11. After that, while waiting for Cs to pick me up, I went to Green Gallery. After that we went to Hielo for some frozen yoghurt with fruits and oreos!! This is goooooddd!!

On a hot sunny Sunday afternoon. Nicee. We also went to One Jaya to buy some DVDs, then to Starbucks for some coffee. Later we went to Spring..shopped around at Ta Kiong, check out the new iPad and bumped into a lot of people. Had pizza for dinner. :X Damn that was a lot of food in one day.

At home, worked off the calories by doing housework: vacuum, sweep, mop, iron clothes, install radio upstairs as it can be used to watch movies too.

That is what we are doing now. Watching Stephen Chow's old movies in our room, while I am typing this out. :)

OK night! 

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