Monday, 16 April 2012

KL trip and meeting LCW!!

We went to KL last weekend. Here are some photos from our phones, courtesy of Camera360 and Multilens. Actually most of them from my phone lah. When I am present in an outing, I always end up the one taking photos. :)

Mum is taking up this habit of mine: taking photos of everything ever since she got her new phone. She is saying things such as: wait wait! I want to take photos and post on Facebook! Only problem is she knows how to take photos but has not yet learned how to post on Facebook. Which is why I am the one taking photos of the food and tagging her. Yes, she does have an account!

Its okay lah. I have nothing to hide. Except my blog. Mum sometimes translate my blog into Chinese. So this is for you, mama! Hi!! Hahahha..

Back to topic. On the plane wasting time. I seem to always start any vacation photos with photos of us taken on the plane. Habit. Marks a beginning what. The first and last photo of us would be on the plane again! Hahha habit!

No make up, so made it black and white! Gone were the days when I can go without make up and still look fresh, young, and I don't know..look like I'm 21! Haih! Concealer is now my best friend. As is my foundation and powder.

I should take less photos of food. These were buffalo wings from TGI Friday's. We were at the Pavillion branch.
My sirloin steak!! Yum! Mashed potatoes were good, but a bit salty. How to make awesome mashed potatoes, I wonder? Kinda impossible without plenty of butter, milk and whatnot.


When I cook, I sometimes tend to put less oil, less salt, cut down sugar, cut off chicken skin and almost all excess fat, with the result that my food sometimes taste kind of know.

 It is because I see exactly what I am eating mah so I don't like it. Anyway, when I am eating alone, I don't mind somewhat. My typical pasta salad I make for my workday lunch is healthy man! Lemme share the recipe now since I feel like it!

Cook one small bowl of pasta. I always use the spiral ones. Add salt in the water. Chop whatever vegetables I have in the fridge. Normally its carrots, cucumber, broccoli, or red/green peppers. Whichever I have left. Chop them up and throw them into the pasta to boil together.

Drain everything. Combine these together in a bowl. Add in a clove of diced garlic. Sprinkle salt, pepper, thyme, red wine vinegar/apple cider vinegar, and most times I add in a spoon or two of tuna. Not the tuna with oil. Tuna with mayo. The kind you eat with bread one. Yea, I add it in and mix everything up. Voila! Lunch! 

 I prepare it the night before and leave it in the fridge overnight. Actually it tastes not that bad. Self praise is no praise. Wait I go ask Cs. He said its good. But Cs is my husband. So yea, someone try it out and let me know. :D

Btw, if you notice there is no meat, its true. If I had my own way, I would rarely cook meat.. I do eat outside or when my parents cook or whatever. And yes, I do cook meat for Cs. 

Pavilion! Too bad it was kinda late and most shops were closing boo. Saw that there were sales at F21. Ahh..missed out on that!

Nice or not this photo?! Camera360 again! Looks kinda real eh?

Oh ohh I love these things below. I don't really know what is inside but should be those red octopus thingy. The yellow thing on top seems to be eggs and potatoes. Omg love these things!! Yummeh! From Sakae Sushi at Times Square.

I could not decide on what nail design to make. These are all failed designs. I like the middle finger one but sooo hard to draw! I made a mess and that was only one finger. So bah gave up! In the end, I painted all my fingers black. Zzzz..

This was courtesy of Pano Camera. So easy to use. But I didn't do such a good job for my first try. At Jalan Alor.

Second try was much better! I changed locations. First was dinner. Second was supper. =.= 

Next day we went to Sunway Pyramid to meet Dato Lee Chong Wei. Also known as the world's number 1 badminton singles player

Also known as Cs' idol. Awesome not!! Cs is LCW's number 1 fan really. He was sooo excited. Actually we had no idea that LCW would be in KL even before we went. 

We were in the hotel room and Cs was reading up on LCW's fan page on Facebook (as usual), when he suddenly gasped/hyperventilated: LCW is going to be in Sunway Pyramid tomorrow!!!!

Hahhah so of course we went bright and early!

It was organized by Cafe 99 actually. LCW is the brand ambassador. So we bought 2 packs of the coffee and LCW's book (we already have the English copy; we bought the Chinese one) for LCW to sign. 

This is some inspirational corner to leave messages. I bet LCW don't have time to read all these. Boo.

I wrote this anyway:

While waiting, we join in the competitions, play games with the MC, and queued for about 1.5 hours. Ok lah not that long a wait. But we were carrying coffee bags in addition to our shopping. Good thing the MC was good. Kept us all very entertained.

Cs finally met his idol!! Hahha he was soo excited! Do they look alike or do they look alike? Countless people have mentioned that they look alike, and Cs have been mistaken for LCW many times in pubs, on the street, and even in schools! Before, I didn't think so. Not really. But look at them side by side!!

This photo below is clearer, but not so alike right? The photo above got more resemblance!

OK lah. Enough. Back to me. Not that I don't love LCW too, I do! In fact if we can only go to London for this summer's Olympics!! OMG!! Dream come true!! Killing two birds with one stone!
CS can go watch Olympics and I can go back to London! Visit Shirley! Ahhh..I wish!

Because of Xiaxue, I went to Popular to read up on The Secret, and went to Google it as well. Actually it seems to boil down to positive thinking. But stronger than that. Laws of attraction and all that. So I shall keep that in mind. And visualise myself with Cs strolling hand in hand in Leicester Square, Oxford Circus, St James Park, Picadilly Circus, London Bridge!! Aaaakkk!!

OMG! Dream come true! I would show him LSC College, London and Tower bridge, 168 B Jamaica Road. Bring him to Kings Cross and show him the Mcd where I spent so much time in. Bring him to China town, Camden town, Bond Street!! And all the places I wish I could have brought my family to.

It will come true. Sooner or later. :)


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