Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Melting in Kuching

I only go out on weekends these days. It is so so hot here in Kuching! Rain would be better than this. It is so HOT AND HUMID!! Sweating even in an air con room! Eh Shirley, London weather would be better than this lah. Stop complaining about the rain. Hahah..

 So many people are falling sick here and there. Just now I went to Spring and had to shy away from people coughing around me. Ehh not hou lian or what lah but I just got well. Some more I am so prone to sickness one. Boh yung body.

Btw hou lian means something like show off/arrogant, and boh yung means useless. Heheh so Malaysian. No one can accuse me of trying to be ang moh. I use lah every other sentence! Even in whatsapp and replying Facebook messages, emails and what not.

I had a Thai friend who asked me before, when we were still in London: Amy, what is lah? Why do you always say it at the end of the sentence? Hhahhahhaha I had trouble trying to explain that one. He asked was it a slang or something, like yo yo? Err no...it is actually a habit of Malaysians, we add lah at the end of the sentence..just because. :)

Maybe its like how Indians have to wiggle their head while talking. I want to know this..when they wiggle their heads, it means like ok lah, mostly yes, right?

I had an Indian friend once and I asked him a question, and he would shrug and wiggle his head. So one day, I asked: so is it yes or no?? He said yes. And after that I assumed every wiggle meant yes. :D Hehehe correct me if I'm wrong though!


Anyway, moving on. These photos are from my weekend. I need to get my priorities right. Rest more during weekends. Sleep early. Body isn't what it used to be anymore. Damn thought I was still 18? Ho ho.

We went to Karaoke with friends on Saturday night. As a rule, I don't sing. Neither does Cs. So I sit there drinking with him. We each sang two songs the whole night. Heh heh.

Outfit of the day. Can't tell but I was wearing a red skirt. Me likey. Bought online. I should really camwhore more. :)

These photos are from Friday night! Went to VA with the usual group plus Mary. That night we were talking about how we don't have much drinking friends. All of us. Like the older we get, the less drinking friends we have. I can't say the same for Winnie and Kah Ling though. Ehh both ladies should be at the hype of their drinking now! HAHA!

Margherita Pizza was as good as usual. Me likey!

Because my camera quality not good, I made the photo black and white. Ok right? Still waiting for the photos from Winnie's phone.

My top and collar combined with my hair looks a bit too cute. Haha. We won two free jugs. Ho yeah babeh!! One Sex on the beach, and another cocktail that tastes like vodka lime.

Kah Ling and Winnie.

Mary and I.

So blur this photo. Aih never mind. Beggars can't be choosers.

I really don't bother bringing my camera out anymore. This was what happened in KL lah! We met Lee Chong Wei, and where was my camera? In the drawer at home! Had to depend on my iPhone, and my phone is not very dependable! Thank God photo turned out ok. Pressure much!

Last photo of me with Mary.

OK bye. Night!

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