Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday morning

One fine Sunday morning, I woke up at 7am with Cs to go for breakfast. Actually the truth was we went for our blood test. After the blood test, it was about 9am, so we had breakfast then. It felt awesome - the waking up early part.

Simply because of the fresh air, eating breakfast, and knowing there are hours ahead of me before my Sunday ended.

It made me motivated to wake up early every Sunday morning! But I failed lah so far. I woke up at 11:59 this morning (still AM), and rolled out of bed by 1pm. :X In my defense, I slept at 3:30am!! 

And before I knew it, it is already 340pm now! Dafuq? So fast! Why Amy why?

I'm a big fan of the snooze button. I wake up, snooze (x100), laze around and play with my phone. Bad bad thing cos I play till the battery is almost finish then finally when there is nothing else to do, finally get up, grumbling to myself. =.=

I only get up when it is almost time for the appointment, or Cs is coming home, or it is nearly 2pm, or something equally last minute. Why Amy why?!

Ahh anyway. I even went to google the benefits of waking up early and how to get motivated etc. At least I don't have to NOW, but when I have kids, ugh think of waking up at 530am, or 6am to send kids to school. Ugh. Walk to school, future kids, prepare your own breakfast! Oh well. At least Cs wakes up early.

I keep asking Cs to take a photo with me and both times he ended up with his mouth open. Only on the third try we got it. So I'm posting one of a punishment.

My skin is not so perfect in real life, nor is the lighting so awesome. The only awesome thing was Camera 360's Magic Skin effect. It makes anyone/anything look better. 

See, it even makes my bruise looks better! Hahhaa.

My bruise has not faded away yet. Boo hoo don't know why it hurts so bad this time around. This was from the shot last week. Weird. I know it doesn't look this bad in the photo cos Magic Skin made my bruise look better too..

Outfit of the day. Not like you can see much oh well. Artsy fartsy fail.

It is so hot! I wanna go ice skating! By hook or by crook, one way or another, I am dragging Cs to join me when we go to Bangkok! I will wear shorts so  he has no excuse to deny me! 

This was at Sunway Pyramid. So crowded on that rink. 

 This was one of our worst ideas. At VA, the band started pulling people up to join in the competition. We had no idea what it would be. Can't be that bad right? At worst, they ask us to dance. That's ok right? So, I pushed Winnie up and was gleefully taking photos by the side, when the band member pushed me up too. Oh shit.. Join lah to keep her company.

Turned out they wanted us to peel a banana with our mouths, and make it as seductive as possible. Can someone say bad idea?

And you know the worst part? Winner got a free flaming lamborgini or was it graveyard? No thanks man! Thank God we didn't win! I should learn to stay away by now.

You know, VA seems to come up with the worst competitions yet. Remember that  Oktoberfest at VA where a lot of people threw up? We joined in the competition too and had to finish a beer tower between three of us.

This photo below would be perfect had it not been for Winnie's hair.

I stole this photo below from Kah Ling on Facebook! Hi Kah Ling! :D She captioned it: Ladies, we have evolved from our VA days!

 Damn right we have.

 In the beginning, we weren't that close yet. When our mums introduced us, we made small talk. During that time she was still Celeste to us! Hey I forgot your English name woman!

We were still quite shy with each other then but its okay alcohol bonds people! Playing drinking games, getting drunk together, and tadah over time, we are now very comfortable asking sexual questions!! Hahah joke joke.

Change topic. I love this lip balm from Maybelline! It smells amazing. It is fast replacing my Strawberry lipice. Shocker! Didn't think that day would come..RIP lipice - you have served me well.

OK I just blabbed a lot of rubbish. I'm going to watch LCW battle it out against Sony (from Indonesia). Finals for the Malaysia Open. Yawn why never ending tournaments one?

Btw is Sony's brother called Panasonic? Hahha!!


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