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Oktoberfest at Victoria Arms

Contrary to popular belief, I do not go out clubbing every weekend. I don't party as much anymore. Really. Not even every other weekend. But I know it seems hard to believe especially when my Facebook photos and even photos on my blog show me drinking and partying all the time.

I have slowed down. Two years of work has changed me and my perceptive of certain things. Its not a bad thing. There are more important things now. Partying is lower down on my list of priorities now.

But once in a while, partying with a big group of friends is still fun. In a way, its even more fun because we don't do this so often anymore..

Last Saturday night found me at Victoria Arms (VA) at Merdeka Palace for the 6th annual Oktoberfest.

Cs and I arrived at about 730pm and the place was quite full. When cs told me we were going to VA on a Saturday night for Oktoberfest, I imagined a quiet VA. Not like this. There were many long table settings and a buffet spread throughout the club.

A bit weird for me. I have never seen this scene inside VA before, in all the 8 or 9 years I have been there. Hmm..time flies. Have I been going there for so long?

Back to topic!


Start off with a photo of me first..

[Defensive]Its not the same photo ok. Got some subtle difference and I err cant decide which one I like best.. How?

That mirror is fast becoming my regular camwhore spot. Nice lighting so photos always turn out nice. Hehe.

Moving on.


Both are ok. The photo above tastes better but quite sweet. The photo below is err ok. I'm sorry I can't tell you what is inside. Never mind la. Not like you can taste it too right? Haha wtf. Sorry that was quite cbai.

I have finally tried Ratatouille!

It tastes..mediocre. Nothing outstanding. I like the green, red and yellow peppers but there were a lot more different food to sample, so I didn't eat much of this. But yea. Ratatouille! I thought it was a French dish? Or there are different variations according to country? Can't be bothered to google to check the facts now though..

Oktoberfest is also Sausage fest!!

What does this photo remind you of?

That Germans like it nice and long and well done..and err big. Haa sorry a bit carried away.

Someone wrote this on our tickets!

Mr and Mrs Ngen. Hehe. For some reason, this got cs beaming nonstop and hugging me. Heh heh Me too actually.. Shamelesss but I dont care.

I wonder who wrote this? Hmm..the waitress?

There were a lot of beer drinking competition going on that night for both the ladies and gentlemen. Damnn this is the pint glasses - the smallest of the lot! And even for this competition, two of the ladies threw up. Right there. In the middle of the dance floor! Gross.

Its like the staff anticipated it and placed the towels there by their feet wtf. Its just wrong!! We didn't pay RM 65 to be tortured like this ok. Btw, no one volunteered of course so the MC had to try and drag/persuade the customers to join in..

The lady who won - finished the whole pint the fastest and threw up a bit, and ran to the back before she claimed her prize. The other lady drank half of her pint and threw up a bit too on the towel there. It was so not worth it ok. Winners got a hat and a bottle opener cum fridge magent.

Watching this first round, who dared to go up after that?! Competition gone wrong lar.

Cs, ah ping, and ah ong and nana

Cs and I spotted this:

This was the half yard beer drinking competition. Before this, I must mention, it was the half yard for the ladies. It was about half of what Alvin is holding up.

So, we all thought that it was fine. Looks ok so we all urged/pushed Alvin up. He was also sporting enough for it cos there were prizes to be won! This time the prize was buffet for 2 at Restorant Beccari - the Italian restaurant at Merdeka Palace.

Now this is more like it bah. Better prizes than a hat and some magnet. Ptui.

But as it turned out, the guys have a much bigger glass (half yard) to finish. Tough luck! Its not easy ok. Alvin was competing against one other guy. Both of them could not finish it.

There was just no way to one go such a big glass. So Alvin suggested they ask a friend to help!

So here is cs helping Alvin. Even so, they didn't win. The other group won..too bad.

Later, the MC announced that they are looking for a team of 3. Two men, one woman to join in the last competition. Well, we thought it could be dancing or some other game what.

So, when Alvin and the others urged us to go up, we did. To be sporting la. Just sitting there the whole night was boring too anyway. Might as well do something for fun.

Plus got prizes mar.

Who knows? When they brought out the BEER TOWER!!


The MC (seeing our huge reactions) laughed and said: heyy you guys volunteered for this ok.

Yeah we sure did being the silly that we are..

Bad bad idea..

It was terrible! We had to drink with the pipe some more. This would only make us drunk faster. There was NO WAY we could finish the damn thing.

Ah Ping is already looking pretty bad here. He threw up.. In Alvin's glass by the side. Poor thing.
I tried not to look at him cos it would only make me feel worse...

Cs trying hard..

And me. Well, I did drink in the beginning. But of course we reached a point where we just had to stop. Pause. Breathe. Talk amongst ourselves. Take pictures. Watch our competitors. They took cigarrettes out in between gulping down the beer. Haha.

This is Team B:

Two big guys and a woman. She was also the same lady who competed in the first competition (the pint glass for ladies) and the only one who didn't throw up. But she didn't finish her drink - almost did though..

After ah Ping threw up, he came back to join for a while but quit shortly after.

So its down to both cs and I.

Impossible of course. In the photo below, I quit already. Haha. And cs is also posing only. Not really drinking by now. We both had the pipe in our mouth but not really sipping at all. Just forget it. No way we can win lar..

Obviously Team B won. They finished the whole Beer Tower! Lihai!

Team A with the MC.

Look at our Beer Tower. We still had half leftover.

Group photo of the night!

At least we got:

1)To keep the remaining Beer Tower but no one wanted to drink anymore beer that night. Not even me. I was not drunk later in the night but once I reached home, my head started to hurt already. Cs as well. Alvin threw up in the toilet at VA. What the hell right?!

2) A hat, and a fridge magnet cum bottle opener each, and a free buffet dinner at Restaurant Beccari.

Ah Ping later won a lucky draw, which included dinner for two at Aurora Court - another restaurant at Merdeka Palace. Among other things, which I don't remember now.

Our leftover beer:

Looking at this photo kinda put me off beer. I don't think I will be ordering a Beer Tower in the near future. And judging by how the night went (so many ppl throwing up yuck), probably none of my friends want to as well.

I hope for VA's sake, they change the games somewhat next year. Surely they cant have that many customers throwing up in one night? It looks bad. At a five star (still?) hotel some more. When I went to toilet that night, I heard the unmistakable sounds of another woman in the other stall yuckk gross.

We pay RM 65 hoping to enjoy nice food, beer, and maybe dance a bit (didn't manage to that night too BOOO). Not to drink that much. Yea, I suppose maybe you can argue that its the customer's own fault. If you cant drink, then dont. Know your own limits.

Ahh I duno lar. Unless things are different next year, I don't want to go back to Oktoberfest. Ever. Its just not worth the price tag..

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